Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes:September 17th

  1. Elisabeth's Halloween costume is chosen and bought.  
  2. Despite a shorten rotation due to student orientation and Labor Day, all of the students in my first group were able to witness a birth and perform a newborn bath during their maternity rotation.
  3. Prepared my first pork roast!  Definitely a small success but a big personal victory as trying new recipes is still something I find very intimidating.  It was DE-lish.

Today I am giving thanks for:
a support husband who encourages me the try new things
new words and phrases spoken by my favorite toddler
hard-working, curious students
pumpkin spice lattes
a place to stay warm and dry 
grace abundant and love unceasing

Please visit Faith and Family Live to read and the small successes of us all.

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