Thursday, January 8, 2015

And then she was two

 Despite the fact that if you currently ask her how old she is she says 'fee' she is newly 2, though she may well think she is older because she VERY much wants to be big like her sister and brother.

Current Likes: Sophia the First, in particular the Sophia and Amber dolls she snuggles at night, running, milk, baths, her big brother. She is open to trying pretty much any food especially if Liam is eating it.

Case in point: She will often ask for a banana when Liam does except she doesn't like them. And I can't decide if she keeps forgetting that or because he likes them she is willing to keep trying them.

Current Loathes:Having her teeth brushed!! Being put in her crib before she is asleep. Wearing hats.
18 months
She continues to be the most amazing mimic, and quick to pick up patterns such that she tells knock-knock jokes and can count to 14.  She also sings along with many of the songs we sing at bedtime.

Happy Birthday Caitlin! Thanks for being such a happy, along for the ride, chick!!

Guess what?! Love you!!


  1. Awww, she’s beautiful! Happy Birthday to Brigid’s birthday buddy! We hope it is a wonderful day!

    1. Happy Birthday to Brigid! Wising her a great day and wonderful year!