Friday, May 27, 2016

The day my daughter taught me detachment

   A year ago January Elisabeth came home from school with a permission form for a hair donation drive girls in an upper grade (I believe 6th) was organizing.  I got a ruler to make sure she understood what 6-7 inches looked like but then signed the permission slip and was very excited and proud of her; I had donated myself in the past and plight of those battling cancer is close to my heart what with being married to a pediatric oncologist and all.

  However a week ago when Lisbeth brought home a similar form I was much more reluctant.  It had only been about 15 months since the previous donation and while her hair grows well it was definitely shorter then the first time.  I encouraged her to wait till next year and really worried that her hair would be too short; but she persisted and by doing so reminded me of the good that is done when we are generous with what we are given and worry less about what will be left.

Great definition of detachment in catholic spirituality found here


  1. Beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend. : )

  2. What a selfless heart she has! I love both her hair cuts!

  3. This is beautiful! How proud you must be of your daughter, with her big generous heart!

  4. A lesson that we all need to learn!