Friday, June 20, 2014

Quick Takes #157 ~ super quick cause I really should be packing version

  1. The closing on the new house was interesting and the very definition of 'all's well that ends well' ~ not expecting all the craziness Dr. Daddy had only taken a half day off so that evening when he got home we scooped the kids in their pj's and went for some quick glimpses of our new place.
  2. Packing and purging is continues to go more slowly than I would like but bit by bit getting done.  Speaking of purging anyone know of places (other than libraries) that takes VHS tapes?
  3. Potty training success ~ finally and with reproduce-able results. Which means he can go to camp ~ Yes!!
  4. Caitlin's guardian angel is still doing a great job as she (Caitlin) has a few times been found upstairs at the new place but so far has never gone down intentionally or otherwise on her own.
  5. Nothing will prompt you to figure out where the thermostat lives and how it works to cool the house down like a couple of day in the mid 90's.
  6. The painting fun has begun with several samplers tried out and I think we have narrowed in on some great colors for their rooms ~ more later.
  7. And thank's to this wonderful post by Ana of Time Flies, I'm largely keeping all the craziness in perspective ~ Crazy Exhausting Fun!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Five Favorites Vol 12

linking up with Moxie Wife and sharing some of my current faves:
  1. Behr Color Smart~ our new house is largely painted in a nice beige but finding it a bit dark plus wanting to let the kids have input into their rooms we decided to paint. This feature helps tremendously to narrow down the options when your three year old says "Geen".
  2. Have enjoyed the traditional Skinny Girl for the last couple of years; last time I was shopping I wanted to try something new so I tried the Grapefruit Margaritas.  The description of sweet & tart is right on the money.
  3. Teach Me app an app with many levels; pre-school through 3rd grade. We downloaded the kindergarten one last summer and it held Lisbeth's attention the whole summer.  We just downloaded the first grade one for this summer. Liam is still working through the levels of the pre-school one. 
  4. Twilight turtle; Liam has always been tough to get to go the sleep ~ as in having to lay down next to him till he's asleep however Sir Turtles night sky of stars in rotating colors has proven a great help towards our goal of having fall asleep by himself.
  5. Wonderful friends who come and help pack or help wrangle the littles so I can pack!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick Takes #156 ~ Links and Kindergarten Graduates

  1. Happy June! I may at some point write up how I did on my May Goals but short summary is good not great: still not great about making a Morning Offering but have found doing an Examen at night really useful. Need to do better about remembering to put on the SPF now that the days are more often summer sunny.
  2. On the 70th Anniversary of D-Day I offer my thanks to all of those who served and sacrifice during those critical days and battles.
  3. If you aren't already please hop over and enjoy Kendra's recap posts of her family's recent trip to France including Normandy.  
  4. Didn't get any comments on my "What would you like to see more of here?" post. Hoping that means you don't mind if it goes quiet around here during the move as oppose to quiet around here in general.
  5. Today is Elisabeth's last day of Kindergarten.  We are headed out later to her Completion Ceremony!! She had such a great year! I'm really hoping that the approach of setting expectations high and then cheering hard for the student is general to the school and not just this teacher because Lisbeth just thrived under it.
  6. Really excited to see my youngest sister this weekend when Indies Invade Philly!!
  7. Otherwise a weekend of packing and sorting.  Have a good one!
Little first day ~ last day comparison

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