Friday, May 10, 2019

Special Days of Sacraments

     Last Saturday to our great pleasure Liam received his First Communion! Looking very handsome in his new suit; he was nervous but excited.  The Mass was beautiful and lets be honest there is nothing like watching children all dressed up and excited to meet Jesus in such amazing way.

The weather while threatening all week turned out wonderful and our friends and family who came to celebrate with us were also able to enjoy our new patio furniture and we were able to grill as planned.  In addition to being very happy for her brother; Lisbeth was also thrilled to visit with her twin cousin.  Caitlin was happy to party in her Easter dress and was the last of the kids to ask to change.

       Then on Sunday we went to Mass in the city at the University parish where Liam was baptized and he received his 2nd Communion.  

Earlier this week I made a quick trip to Richmond to attend the celebration of my niece's Confirmation.  A beautiful Mass and such an honor to included on her special day.

May the Sacramental Graces fall abundantly on them and all their classmates!

Friday, May 3, 2019

7 Quick Takes #277 ~ April Overview

  1. Happy May!! How was your April? Ours was good in a busy 'just keep swimming' way.  Sorry to go quiet. How about a summary to catch you all up?
  2. Easter morning was wonderful ~ the kids explored their Easter baskets, a breakfast of eggs and pastries, Mass and then some cooking and cleaning before taking Dr Daddy to the airport for his trip to London. We (the kids and I) still hosted Easter dinner for choir members and friends, including wonderful desserts from our favorite ballerina/baker.
  3. My week of solo parent went reasonably well and Dad was able to FaceTime most evenings ~ and had a good week in London, getting in some sight-seeing most days.  The kids each had their moments of really missing Dad but overall did well.
  4. The Weather has been keeping us guessing; more nice days than not but enough chilly mornings that coats are out and needed. It has been warm enough that trees have blossomed and my Lily of the Valley easily made their May 1st deadline.
  5.  I stuck to my commitment to give-up fiction for Lent; my review of my Lenten reads are here.
  6. The main excitement of the week has been preparing for Liam's 1st Holy Communion this weekend. He says the rehearsal went well, and he is excited.  Food has been ordered, family is coming, and now we just need it to not rain too much.
  7. Photo dump: 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Open Book ~ May '19

Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton while billed as Apologetics reads much more like a conversion story.   Chesterton seeking a philosophy to live by looks at the logic and framework of the leading movements of the time (turn of the century England) and found them all lacking when compared to Christianity. While I at times found his wit too sarcastic for me I overall enjoyed the book and found it to be a worthy read.

Untangled; Guiding Teenage Girls through the Seven Transitions to Adulthood by Lisa Damour is a straight-forward, accessible overview of the challenges Damour (a school psychologist and mother of daughters) have identified over her years of work and research. Broken down into what she describes as seven developmental milestones; Damour provides insight into what the young woman might be feeling and how best parents can support their daughters and help them make the different transitions towards adulthood.

Edmund Campion by Evelyn Waugh is a wonderful hagiography of the Saint; beginning in his years at Oxford and follows his faith journey in Elizabethan England.  Beginning with his scholarly work and crisis of faith as he discerns the priesthood we see the evolution as he moves to Europe and ultimately joins the Society of Jesus. Waugh in addition to providing biographical information of Campion does an excellent job of exploring and explaining the culture of Catholics in Queen Elizabeth I 's England. I also appreciated how Campion's own writings are quoted throughout.

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