Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Lenten Reading List

   I have for the past several Lents 'given up' fiction and that is my plan again this year. I tend to make a book list and then let the mood take me, but here is some of what I hope to read this Lent.

The Reckless Way of Love: Notes on Following Jesus by Dorothy Day; a buddy read hosted by Fountain of Carrots that I'm joining.

Quiet Companion by Mary Purcell a biography of St. Peter Favre one of the founding members of Jesuits. 

We Are Our Mothers' Daughters by Cookie Roberts

Six Sacred Rules by Tim & Sue Muldoon

The Benedict Option by Rod Dresher

Make My Life Simple by Rachel Balducci

 My devotional for this lent is No Unlikely Saints offered by Brick House in the City.

And being released on March 12th  Be Bold in the Broken by Mary Lenaburg. 

What are you reading this Lent?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Open book ~ Feb'21


Towers in the Mist by Elizabeth Goudge is a wonderful book of Oxford early in the reign of Elizabeth 1; when student Walter Scott was dreaming of going to sea for her, and could still attend lectures taught by Edmund Campion.  The story centers around a Canon of Christ College and his children. Through them over the course of a year, you see Oxford in all its seasons and all moods. Some romance, some adventure, and a lot of inspiration.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver; is the story of Missie, who had managed to graduate high school without getting pregnant, and saving up enough for a car decides to head west.  Away from Kentucky and a life the feels not quite right. Along the way, she changes her name to Taylor and ends up in Arizona.   

You need to suspend your disbelief a few times, but overall this a beautifully written story of a place and those key people and decisions that help determine what sort of adult you want to be.

Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter: is the story of Freckles a young orphan who has aged out of a Chicago orphanage and applies for a job with a logging crew.  He was tasked with guarding a forest of valuable trees until the crew can get there a year later.  Porter a naturalist, in this lovely coming-of-age story makes the woods come alive as Freckles finds his way to manhood charged with this great task. The ending is a saccharine, but well worth the read.

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Monday, February 1, 2021

What currently is saving my sanity ~ Winter 2021

   Happy February! The week and month are starting off for us with a true snow day with no distance learning assignments for the kids to complete ~ and with me linking-up again with Modern Mrs. Darcy as we share tips to beat the winter blues.

  • Reading always and forever Amen! Joining challenges and stretching my reading muscles, revisiting old favorites and finding them welcoming. One of the blessings of all the 'sheltering in place' last year I discovered Bookstagram, a corner of Instagram with a ton of people posting book reviews.  It has become where I find suggestions and companionship amongst the virtual bookshelves.

  • Journaling prayers & gratitude, and daily occurrences not to be lost in the craziness.
  • Seeking out a good series to binge and watching a couple episodes with Dr. Daddy in the evenings once the kiddos are tucked.  Currently All Creatures Great and Small, and Miss Scarlet & the Duke.
  • Lighting a candle or two in the evening.
  • A weekly visit to a local coffee shop and making a cup of tea as we start homework.
  • Daily Walks!!  Started last spring when I craved some quiet after a day of helping my kids with virtual learning, I have found my evening walk a great help in quieting the voices of anxiety.
  • And seeking out 'what makes it better' for my people.  For example, finding a warm Chai waiting makes the winter morning a bit easier to face for the resident tween: which in turn makes the getting out the door routine smoother for everyone.

What is saving your life this winter?