Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in 12 snaps!

1) January and someone is one!

2) February and lots of snow!!

3) March and someone is 6!!

4) Happy Easter!!

 5) Teaparties were held in May

6) In June we moved into our new house

7) In August we went to the beach

8) In September Lisbeth became a first grader!

9) Also Liam turned 4!!

10) Happy Halloween!!

11) We traveled to MA to remember and give thanks for my father-in-law and all those who serve.

12) Ending the year giving thanks for a warm, happy home to begin the new year in!

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13 in 2013

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!

Merry Christmas

from our home to yours!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Quick Takes #167

  1. The days continue to be cray-cray around here but happily major accomplishments this week. Stockings hung, tree bought and decorated; and with a bit of luck the last of the cards going out this weekend. Then the great wrapping begins!!
  2. Caitlin's mimicking has reach another great milestone as earlier this week while driving I heard her little voice tell me "Knock, knock!!"
  3. Last Sunday we were able to attend a Memorial Mass marking the tenth anniversary  of the passing of wonderful priest who was chaplain at Penn Newman during some of our time there and presided at our wedding.  Not just a U. Penn but throughout his priest life Father Chuck had focused on young adults.  It was so amazing to speak with others at the reception and hear time and again the great good that is done by meeting such a wonderful priest early in their faith journey as adults.
  4. Today is my brother's birthday and since he is currently between addresses I'm just going to wish him a Happy Birthday on as many social media options as I have.  Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!
  5. One other 'tradition' I'm hoping to achieve this year is getting the kids and myself out to Longwood Gardens for A Longwood Christmas. If the weather holds this evening may be the time. If so ~ expect Instagram proof!
  6. Just can't seem to let this little ole blog die; least not yet. Not sure what the New Year will bring but for the moment even as infrequently as it has become posting here is still something I feel drawn to.
  7. Happy Weekend all!!

My brother on one of his 3!! thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail

Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick Takes #166: Snapshot of Life

or rather hosted at This Aint the Lyceum!

  1. Caite is now 23 months and so talkative, continuing to mimic much of what she hears. The "I do it" have also shown up as she definitely moving into toddlerhood.  Starting to give thought what to do for her 2nd birthday otherwise I know coming right after the New Year it will get lost in the post-holiday fatigue. Anyone ever heard of a Birthday/Epiphany cake?
  2. Lisbeth had her Christmas concert last night and in many other ways is proving to be a great helper this Advent season: house decorating, official postal stamp placer.  
  3. Liam has been struggling with staying in his bed all night I think in part because he gets cold and in part he comes looking for Daddy who has been missing some tuck-ins between being on call and traveling.  
  4. Advent is going well with us remembering to light the Advent wreath and open a calendar window most nights; and the kids enjoy doubling up on the chocolates on the days after when we forget.
  5. Please read this post from Passionate Perseverance and join the prayer community this family during this very fragile time.
  6. This weekend is the final big push to clean and empty the old house ~ such a tremendous mix of hard to let go and so ready to be done.
  7. Favorite feast coming up: Happy Gaudete Sunday Everyone!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fave 5: Advent Music

Linking up with  Jenna of Call Her Happy sharing some of my favorite music of the season.

I do start listening to Christmas Carols as soon as Advent begins but I also give lots of playtime to favorites such as Advent Suite and The Final Word by Michael Card and 

Cherry Tree Carol (trad.) and 

Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant and  

O Come  O Come Emmanuel

Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick Takes #165: End of an Era, Advent, House Stuff

  1. End of an era: Jen of Conversion Diary announced today that she will no longer be hosted the 7 Quick Takes link-up and is passing the baton to Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum. Am feeling a bit thrown by this announcement but already knowing and loving Kelly and her writing I am now channelling Olaf and thinking "All good things!, All good things!!"
  2. Checking back into my archives I find that my first Quick Takes post was January of 2009 and 160some post later it has been such a touchpoint and means to find my way in writing this blog that I suppose the feels of being off balance are to be expected.
  3. Blessed Advent! Ours is going well ~ so far we've (I've) remembered to have us light a candle and say a prayer every evening.  Lisbeth has even mostly dropped the topic of when do we light the pink candle.
  4. Getting calendars proved a bit trickier but Wednesday we had succeeded and while Caitlin clearly doesn't understand what is going on, she also definitely doesn't mind being handed a piece of chocolate. We will hopefully be setting out our shoes tonight. Since I have my explanation all ready for why Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus comes twice ~ no one will ask.
  5. House stuff continues and seems to be going well though prayers welcomed that this continues through closing; it just this time of year is crazy enough without adding inspections, assessments and clearing the final random remnants.
  6. This weekend we are hosting a Christmas party for our local Church family which means today will a wild ride of excitement and anxiety of getting everything ready made all the more fun as Caitlin has learned from her big siblings the fun of trashing a room while Mommy is off cleaning another.
  7. Congratulations Kelly!! Jen ~ Thank you more than I can ever say!!