Sunday, December 30, 2018

Quick Book Post as the Year Closes

     In 2018 I challenged myself to read 30 books and in the end read 42.  For this coming year I think I'm going to go with 35 as a goal as I have a couple long reads planned.  In addition to again taking the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge I'm also going to join the Catholic Lit challenge hosted by Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas.  Allowing for some overlap I should hopefully be able to strike a good balance between reading for fun and stretching my reading muscles.

    Some favorites from the past year were The War that saved My Life and its sequel, Sprig Muslin, and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  I also revisited a couple of favorites and found them as wonderful as I remembered.

What were some of your favorite reads of the year?

Summary for 2018

Books Read: 42
Fiction: 29  // Non-Fiction: 13
Kindle Books: 13  // Paper Books: 29  // Rereads: 8

Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 Recap in 12 photos

Linking up again with Bobbi of Revolution of Love and recapping 2018 photo-style.

When looking at pictures a monthly recap just didn't seem to fit; rather lets say this year; 

We celebrate big birthdays ~ Lisbeth's 10th

Started to lose baby teeth!

Joined a pool!

Went to Mount Vernon

and the Richmond Zoo.

We went to the beach; even when it was cold and grey.

And the seawall when the sun finally did shine!

We started Kindergarten joining our 5th and 2nd grade sibs.

We went apple picking!

We raked leaves into giant piles to jump in!

We trimmed the tree, hung the stocking and made ready.

We learned, laughed, got older and a bit wiser.

Friday, December 14, 2018

7 Quick Takes #272: Advent Happening

  1. Happy Advent! We got the tree trimmed and stockings hung last weekend.  Candles in the window and wreath on the door.  Hoping to get outside lights up this weekend.
  2. Saint Nicholas visited and brought the miracle that everyone got to check out what the good bishop brought and still got to school on time.
  3. Am following the Blessed is She Advent Devotion and am really appreciating the daily reminder to think about how am I bringing the light and love of Christ in the world.
  4. The kids (in particular Liam) were learning more about Our Lady of Guadalupe this year and so I tried to kick our observation of the feast up a notch and made enchiladas.  Lisbeth is never fond of trying new foods and even calling them 'Mexican crepes' didn't get her to eat more than a bite or two ~ but there was also zero grumbling from her on why we were having Mexican food for dinner.
  5. The Christmas concert was last night and the kids all did well and enjoyed even Caitlin whose cold has given her an occasional but painful earache this week.
  6. This week Modern Mrs Darcy announced the categories and released the reading kit for next years reading challenge. I've of course already printed the checklist out and am thinking of different options for the different categories.  
  7. Happy Weekend and Blessed Gaudete Sunday!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Open Book: December '18

Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns by Blanche Thompson is a biography in the Vision book series aimed for older children.  In addition to sharing biographical facts about Saint Elizabeth's life, the book also shares some of the saint's journey of faith as she learns about the Franciscan or the Gray Brothers and learns about their ideals of simplicity and charity.  Another interesting question raised throughout the book was that of vocation and service as a wife, mother, Landgravine, and later a Third Order Franciscan.   While a bit 'sugary' at points a solid biography which shares some of the miracles and struggles of this saint.

A Christmas Wedding by Andrew Greeley tells the continuing story of Charles O'Malley the oldest son of a Chicago Catholic family. This installment cares him and his Rosemarie through their courtship and early marriage.   This was a reread for me and it holds up well; I really enjoy how Greeley focuses on the events of everyday life while interweaving some of the current events of the 1950's so as to give context to the times when his characters were living.

Currently getting into the season and reading The Snow Child and The Winter Crown.

In addition Christy of Fountains of Home has recently share a lovely Christmas book list.

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