Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Takes vol #30

  1. Happy Autumn!  I don't really have a favorite season, as each has aspects I really enjoy.   But if really pressed Autumn might top the list.  Am happily burning a apple & spice tart in my tart burner.
  2. Finished "The Shack" and really enjoyed.  Current copy was borrowed from a family member but am thinking I will pick up a copy for myself as I would like my husband's take on it...and think it is the type of book you could occasionly pick-up and read a few pages at a time.
  3. Updated version of peek-a-boo in our house: Elisabeth goes into our closet and then peeks her head out and shouts "I see you!"
  4. Speaking of my favorite toddler; Decided to climb out of her crib this weekend, we her parents hoping to delay this level of independence a bit longer bought a crib tent which she so far finds quite fun and funny, crisis averted
  5. Had the opportunity to go to Adoration yesterday; Lovely, hello old friend time.  Time of prayer and silence, quiet and reflection, speaking and listening.  
  6. My cousin had her little girl this week, new niece safely arrived on my dad's birthday. Nice symmetry that as he was her godfather and I sure would have been thrilled to share his birthday with his god-daughters daughter.
  7. One of my dad's native verbage of New England he never lost even after years in Virginia was 'frappe', being from Rhode Island the term 'milkshake' meant a completely different drink.  
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Successes:September 24th

  1. Have begun to mark the coming of autumn by laying out some seasonal items in the house, changing the blog background.  AND changing the scent in the tart burner.
  2. After a couple  minutes of disbelief, calmly adjusted to E. climbing out of her crib by some additional child-proofing in her room and then finding the only crib tent in 100 miles.  (Which btw she loves,  somehow I see a canopy bed sometime in her/my future).
  3. We are all sleeping on freshly laundred sheets.

Today I'm giving thanks for:
                 a strong marriage to gather strength from
        a happy healthy new niece
       a growing thriving child full wonder
                 friends who though far away, write&call and share the laughter of life
                 grace abundant and love unceasing

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taking a toddler to church

Of late going to mass has become a bit of a challenge.  Elisabeth is not interested in sitting still and now that we are back in the main church (we move to a smaller chapel during the summer) Charlie and the music group he sings with are out front by the altar, where she can see him but can't be with him.  All of which means I've spent the last several masses pacing and chasing in the back of the church.
I had been thinking that maybe for awhile we would need to go to separate masses so as not to have to bring her.  But I got a great reminder this evening of the good that comes when you least expect it when my little girl completely unprompted by me during the Sign of Peace extended her hand to the couple next to us and say "Peace" or some eighteen month equivalent.
She has no understanding of 'inside voice' and is barely able to sit still for more than five minutes, but she knows to wish her friends in Christ Peace before we all come to the table of the Lord.

It is a start!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Takes vol #29

  1. Separation stuggles continue with daycare drop-offs being tearful, and now going to sleep for nap or the night requires mommy or daddy to stay in the room till fast asleep.  I must credit she employs her two best ammunition very effectively managing to look pitiful and very cute at the same moment.
  2. Mary Travers: A long time favorite all with her two co-singers.  I had the great priviledge of hearing them live twice in concert.  Luckily on CD's and in my IPOD her music, along with that of Rich Mulllins, John Denver and others who have moved on,  lives on.
  3. My first concert ever was John Denver when I was about five.  Leading me to wonder.. Are there artist performing music today (not specificly intended for children) that I would take a child to go hear?
  4. Meal planning continues to go well, with me making my first pork roast this week and Charlie turning the grilled steak from Saturday into a tasty beef fried rice last night.  Not sure how long we can keep it going.....but enjoying the reduction in stress it brings. 
  5. Truely hope I am not boring my readers to tears by how much I post about Elisabeth, but I am finding that these few free moments are also the best time to record about the constant growth and changes as the weeks go by, puzzles she used to struggle with she now accomplishes with minimal help, and new thoughts and phrases springing up seemingly daily; certainly faster then I can get them recorded in her baby book.  Thank you for your patience.
  6. Precious moment of the week: Elisabeth stealing broccoli pieces off her Daddy's plate and saying 'tank you' after the fact.
  7. Weekend plans: Grading, housework,  & catching up on as much sleep as a certain toddler will allow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes:September 17th

  1. Elisabeth's Halloween costume is chosen and bought.  
  2. Despite a shorten rotation due to student orientation and Labor Day, all of the students in my first group were able to witness a birth and perform a newborn bath during their maternity rotation.
  3. Prepared my first pork roast!  Definitely a small success but a big personal victory as trying new recipes is still something I find very intimidating.  It was DE-lish.

Today I am giving thanks for:
a support husband who encourages me the try new things
new words and phrases spoken by my favorite toddler
hard-working, curious students
pumpkin spice lattes
a place to stay warm and dry 
grace abundant and love unceasing

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Successes:September 10th

  1. Have gotten a couple loads of warmer clothes washed and put-away, and now feel a bit more prepared for the first autumn cold snap.
  2. Sent out "Happy School Year" cards to all our nephews and niece.
  3. Made the final payment on my student loans from graduate school.  Yay, no more loans...just in time to start saving for a certains toddlers education.
Today I am giving thanks for:
     a loving marriage which strengthen and sustains me
     baby hugs
     the chance to snuggle in bed and read with a sleepy toddler
     a fine education which lead to good jobs, which enabled me to pay for said schooling
     a growing congregation as students return to school and mass 

Wishing you a wonderful day celebrating your small successes!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Photographing a toddler

  • With each age comes its own joys and challenges.  Taking Elisabeth to have her eighteen month pictures turn out to be both.  
  • On the one hand she was happy and smiley and having great fun.  Looked adorable in her dresses (the photographer was open to a costume change).  Great fun was had by all!
  • What more could a mom want, right?
  • Except she had no deserve to sit still,  is still to young to understand the idea of staying on the mark or leaving her hands where the photographer positioned them.  To summarize: too old to stay where you put them but too young to follow direction.
  • What is a mom to do??    Laugh!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Takes vol #28

  1. The first full week of work went relatively well, I'm really enjoying my students and feel as they are getting to experience some interesting clinical experiences.  Unfortunately Elisabeth is still very tearful when she is dropped off at daycare.  Hopefully this period of adjustment is nearly over. 
  2. I decided to avoid the whole 'drop-off' issue yesterday and brought E. with me to school since I only had office hours.  Worked great, some students entertained her (or were entertained by her) while I met with the couple of students who had to talk to me.  Win!!
  3. We are going later today to have her 18month formal shots taken.   I am very curious to see how this goes since it will be the first time doing official pictures since she became mobile.   Actually she was crawling at a year, so probably it will be fun and fine.
  4. Reading "The Shack" right now and really enjoying it, hoping to finish this weekend.  The friend who lent it to me told me it was a modern retelling of "Pilgrims Progress" which I have never read but might pick-up to compare and contrast. 
  5. Saw Julie & Julia last weekend and loved it.  A wonderful story of how the love and strength found within a good marriage can give you the courage to really go for your dreams.  Second only to Katherine Hepburn, Meryl Streep is my favorite actress...And she seriously starting to close the gap.
  6. As requested by Jen, our wonderful founder and host.  The job I should never ever do is firefighting.  I have such admiration for wonderful men and women who do this dangerous job.  I'm very afraid of burning myself: stare in amazed horror at people who pinch candle flames out and amuse my husband no end but how many matches I go through lighting candles around our home.
  7. Plans for the weekend: grading, gardening and enjoying the lovely late summer weather with a hint of autumn at the playground and grill.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small Successes:September 3rd

  1. Have (hopefully) transitioned Elisabeth back into daycare with the minimum amount of bumps and tears.  She is tearful when we leave but the teacher reports that she settles into playing quickly.
  2. Had a meal plan in place for the first two weeks of the semester, and have ideas and supplies for week 3
  3. AND as of today have managed to keep the wonderful child entrusted to me alive and well for eighteen months.  
Today I am so thankful for:
a loving supportive husband who lives to cook
a newly minted eighteen month old
new words and sounds learned and shared with enthusiasm
words and hugs of support from friends as I return to teaching
times of fellowship and prayer

Have a blessed day celebrating you and your small successes at Faith and Family Live

Wednesday, September 2, 2009