Friday, October 25, 2019

Quick Takes #283: How is it already late October?

  1. Happy Fall; the mums and asters are planted and Football is again a fixture.  Decided not to plant any bulbs but did plant some winter pansies.  After hearing many dire predictions that fall colors would likely be very dull due to lack of rain, have been enjoying what color there is.
  2. School life is continuing a pace; everyone is settling in after a few bumps.  Elisabeth and Liam saw a jump in the homework required but are meeting the challenges with a minimum of complaint.  Caitlin is liking the 1st grade and slowly building independence with reading.
  3. Out side of school life we are busy with sports and Scouts. After a bit hunting we found a wonderful gymnastics class for Lisbeth and she is loving it and happily making up for lost time.  Liam is on a great soccer team with a wonderful coach who is doing an amazing job of teaching strategies while keeping the focus on fun.   
  4. Caitlin had requested to try ballet this fall and thanks to a tip from the mom of a friend of her's I found a fun beginners ballet and tap class. Unfortunately earlier this month Caitie sprained her ankle on a neighbors trampoline and so she needed to miss a few classes but she is getting back into the routine and having fun.
  5. At the beginning of the month Dr Daddy and I had some fun, dressed up and attended the Penn Newman Anniversary Gala.  The Newman Center at the University of Pennsylvania was founded over 125 years ago becoming the first in the nation. Being long-timers we both remember the 100th Anniversary and was so happy to join in the festivity's for this anniversary.
  6. Because in life sometimes everything happens at once the same weekend as the anniversary events was also the baptism of the daughter of friends of ours. So after returning home from the gala we loaded up the kids in their pj's and headed out into the night to NY.  We arrived in the early hours at a quaint hotel founded in the 1790's by a relative of John Adams and grabbed some sleep. The baptism was lovely, the reception fun, and aside from the rain the trip home went smoothly.
  7. On the docket for the weekend; a soccer match, some home and house work, and getting pumpkins for carving.  Whatever yours hold ~ have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Open Book ~ October '19

Acedia and Me; Monks, Marriage and a Writer's Life by Kathleen Norris: is an exploration of acedia or the 'noonday demon' as it was known by medieval theologians Norris began when clinical depression didn't quite fit how she was feeling.  Using the writings of the Desert Fathers and psychologists Norris shares how the eight bad thoughts became the seven deadly sin.  I found this book more academic and less memoir than her earlier books and I missed the personal reflections but did enjoy the book and questions posed.

Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott is the story of Rose Campbell who after the loss of her father goes to live with her two great-aunts on the Aunt Hill; surrounded by her many other aunts, uncles and cousins.  This delightful coming of age story is smart, funny and wholesome without being preachy. I'm not sure how I missed this story during my growing up but am very glad to have it recommended and will definitely be reading the sequel at some point.

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