Thursday, January 30, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns

Linking up with Cari of Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.

When I first saw the topic I was planning on being a spectator; because while I imagine there are wonderful barns a couple hours west of here in Lancaster, suburban Philly not so much.

Then I remembered I had Kids ~ and they had toys....

The Fisher Price has been with us since Lisbeth was tiny and the Melissa & Doug joined us this Christmas.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

What kids say

Linking up with Rosie of A blog for my mom

We are in the midst of potty training with Liam
Mommy: Are you pooping?
Liam: No
Mommy: Are you telling me the truth?
Liam: No

Elisabeth has been fighting a cold this week and so Dr Daddy has been stressing the importance of drinking so she doesn't get dehydrated.

Daddy: Don't fill-up on chocolate milk, you need to eat your dinner
Elisabeth: Do you want me to get dehydrated?

Elisabeth has been very interested in purchasing Caitlin recently and unhappy with the very high price I have been quoting her.

Elisabeth: Ohh I love your baby, how much? And please remember that I'm part of your family so she will still live in this house and you will still be her mom.
Mommy: ????

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*older pictures ~ camera misbehaving

*Last day to vote for the Sheenazing Awards

Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Takes #150

  1. Hello from our part of the polar blast ~ hope everyone is doing ok. We are surviving with the help of warm blankets and mugs of hot cocoa.
  2. As I posted earlier this week, this little blog of mine is 5 years old. So yay me for sticking with it and mostly thank you to all my readers and friends who have kept coming back and encouraging me in this fun little endeavor of mine.
  3. Like for example nominating me for Most Unappreciated Blog at the 2014 Sheenazing Awards. Vote Now!!! And thank you, thank you!!
  4. The two big kids had a lot of fun with their 2 snow days this week and as the temps are still well below freezing I expect the snow will be around all weekend to enjoy.  Caitlin is a good sport and will come outside and watch so that I can play when asked by L1 and L2 though since she can't really move around much I worry about how quickly she gets cold.
  5. Am still undecided about the direction Downton Abbey is going this season but I am feeling better after last Sundays episode and I love Rachel's review!!
  6. And now I'm going encourage you to head over to Mama needs Coffee and read up on her Wellness Project which I think is a wonderful idea even if I haven't managed to do something most days.  Snow days + sick spouse= tough week.
  7. My week in pictures. Have a good weekend and don't forget to vote!!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Theme Thursday: Catching People Unaware

Linking up with Cari of Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday: Catching People Unawares

Taken earlier this week as Caitlin and Elisabeth enjoyed a snow day.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fifth Anniversary ~ Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie of Moxie Wife and sharing 5 of my favorite posts as we celebrate this little blog of mine being 5 years old!

  1. This Quick Takes in which I speak up for Thanksgiving!
  2. Promotion in which I share a fun and exciting new role for Elisabeth
  3. This Quick Takes in which I share some of my favorite old movies
  4. Where I join the 31 day challenge to learn how to better tell my story
  5. This Theme Thursday: less for what I posted but rather as an example of how the different link-ups have improved this blog and enriched my life bringing many wonderful people into it.
Many thanks as always to my wonderful readers who keep coming back to read, comment and inspire.  Your support means a great deal to me ~ Thanks!!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Homecomings

What the difference a year makes!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Takes #149

  1. So how is 2014 treating you so far?  So far it is crazy here; nothing like getting ready to return to work, while your husband is revving up a big project, while cleaning-up from Christmas, while celebrating a first birthday...while surviving an Arctic Vortex!!
  2. My Saint for the Year selected for me by the Saint Generator is Saint Angela Merici whose primary mission was teaching young women ~ yup sounds about right!  Seriously excited to learn more about her and see where her help brings me.
  3. Word for the year I'm still working on but in the meantime still working on gratitude; I met my goal of recording 500 gifts on my 1000 gifts app last year; and am curious to see how long it will take me to reach the 1000 gift mark.
  4. My mom is safely home from her trip to visit family and spend Christmas in Belgium.  She had a wonderful time and I'm enjoying see the pictures and hearing the stories about my cousins and their children ~ and my chocolate drawer is restocked!!
  5. We had a nice little family party for Caitlin this week on her actual birthday where she got to feast on a birthday cupcake.  She will get another chance this weekend with our Church family.
  6. Since the Giants (Charlie) did not make the playoffs and the Eagles (Elisabeth) went out on the first round we are now a house united.  Go Patriots!!!
  7. Kid Shot: I think she liked her cupcake

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Caitlin at ONE!

Hard as it is to believe it has been a year since my merry munchkin joined our family

Though I remember Elisabeth being quite verbal at a year Caitlin imitates and 'sings' more than I remember either of the older two. Similar to Liam, she is in no great hurry to get moving and is only now consistently crawling ~ and an army crawl at that.
3 months
Largely a good sleeper, she nurses most of the way to sleep, sleeps in her crib till between 5-6 when I bring her into our bed for a feeding after which she often sleeps till 8 ~ 9 if not woken by her siblings.    If able she naps twice a day; around 11 am and 3 p.m. but bless her heart if we are on the run ~ she will nap on the run.
6 months
An excellent eater, she would be completely on table food but for me finishing up our stock of pureed.  Will tire of some foods quickly but truly can't think of a food she won't try for a few bites.  Favorites: Yogurt, pizza crusts, and apple sauce.  Introducing a sippy cup was a complete non-event as she immediately mastered it without any difficulty.

9 mo

Her easy-going nature serves her well with the not always gentle but always sincere loving from her big brother and sister.  As long as she is not being forced to endure a long car ride in the dark ~ she is pretty much up for anything.

So here's to the newest 1 year old on the block!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

13 for 2013: A year in review

Linking up with Dwija and sharing 13 pics about 2013

The year that started off great with Caitlin joining the family!
 February was all about family love!!

In March Elisabeth officially became a handful!

April brought Easter and an attempt at a family photo

 May, a road-trip back to Rhode Island to celebrate a cousin's graduation and my 40th birthday!

 In June we were able to (finally) welcome Caitlin into the Church.

July ~ Summer Days and holiday parades

August ~ Beach Trip!!

In September someone started Kindergarten and 

someone turned 3.

 October: Halloween Fun!!

November: Lots of yardwork ~ Lots of fun!

December: Time again to enjoy Christmas Fun