Thursday, September 26, 2013

Theme Thursday: Out

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A local playground has a gigantic hill which over the course of the summer both kids got very good at climbing (as did I with Caitlin in a carrier) ~ love this picture of them running down the backside headed out on an adventure.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WWRW: Vol 5

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   Currently I'm reading The Blue Jay's Dance by Louise Erdrich a memoir of sorts about pregnancy (mostly her last) and mothering during those first weeks and months.  The book covers a year and includes many observations about the world outside the window of the cabin where she writes in rural New Hampshire.  I'd read some of her fiction before but this is the first work of non-fiction of her's I read, her easy going yet thought provoking style holds true even in the new genre.  It reads almost like a series of short essays which I appreciate as it makes it easier for me to pick it up to enjoy even if I only have five minutes but can be disconcerting at times. Overall a wonderful somewhat poetic remembrance of pregnancy and baby-mothering.

Top of Liam's request list currently is Tons of Trucks by Sue Flies and Betsy Snyder a nicely put-together book about trucks ~ all kinds with just the right balance between words on the page and flaps to lift or textures to feel to make it an enjoyable read together experience.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Kidisms and Translations

When our moms were visiting I realized we have a set terms that make perfect sense to me but likely require translations to others.

Some terms currently found in our family dictionary:

Lisbeth sausage: Kielbasa (as oppose to breakfast sausage which she doesn't like)

Little computer: iPad

Big computer: Mommy's desktop

Red Soda: Cranberry juice with seltzer

Green Soda: 7up or Ginger Ale

Jumping beans: Green peas (only used by Liam)

Red dot store: Target

Donut/Cupcake Store: local Wawa

Not always speaking my language but whatever.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick Takes #143

    Small 'cupcake' party with family

  1. Liam's party went great; kids all played nicely, my 'frog spotting game' went well and Liam appeared to have a lot of fun. Though it was a bit chilly both pizza and the cake happened outside; Liam still tried to blow the candle out even though it went out as soon as we stepped outside with it.
  2. Sympathy and prayers for those who lost their lives at the Washington Navy Yard and those who mourn them.
  3. Loving me some toddler logic: (earlier this week Liam came into the family room with frosting all around his mouth) Me: Liam were you touching your cake? Liam: No, just the frosting.
  4. What the Pope Francis did and didn't say in his interview earlier this week.
  5. Shout out for pediatric dentistry; took Liam today to have a couple small cavities dealt with, (sorry buddy ~ terrible genetics) the dentist worked with Liam sitting on my lap with his head in her lap; a scary but hopefully not terrifying experience for him.
  6. Caitlin's new trick: waving and say "Bababa"!
  7. Weekend plans: catch-up, clean up and rest up after a couple of weeks of first school days, birthdays and house guests.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Takes #142: Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!

Linking up with Jen and celebrating my Birthday Boy!!

  1. Words: Please excuse the pun but words fail; in this year we've gone from counting each word with your therapist like precious coins to watching for 2-3 word phrases ~ and even those I've now completely lost count of.  You have so much to say and I'm so glad you now have words to express it; teasing Lisbeth and explaining to anyone who asks that you are Catie's Big brother.
  2. Speaking of counting: you know how to count to 5, and are figuring out 6-10, you know your colors and most of your shapes.  We are starting to work on letter & number recognition.  You've become very interested in puzzles, both hands-on and on the iPad.
  3. Some of your favorite things are trains, planes and automobiles. You like to play pretend most often putting out a fire or cooking in the kitchen.  Roaring like a dinosaur is another favorite right now.  When you stop stomping or marching most often it is to play with your Legos or race cars down the track.  You like to be read to, especially if the book has tabs and flaps to slide or open.
  4. You are a good eater and are very pleased with your new skill of opening the refrigerator yourself (me less so) ~ fruits and vegetables rank high though top of your list is breakfast sausage in the morning and ice cream whenever you can get it.  
  5. Potty training persist at a slower pace than I would like (though we did start early for school reasons) mostly because you are just one very laid back dude.  However while you are starting this year in diapers I'm comfortable it won't be much longer (cue laughter).  You persist in being a great snuggler for sleep requiring either Daddy or me to lay down with you till nearly asleep.  
  6. You are on the verge of being able to pedal your tricycle independently, putting your train tracks together yourself and are getting better all the time with the whole use utensils - drink from an open cup concept.
  7. You are such a loving and funny chap of a little man.  I love you and am so excited to see what the coming year will bring.

Happy Birthday Liam!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Milestone Monday

 Someone is 8 Months Old!!

And Someone is off at her first day of Kindergarten!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes #141

  1. Later this morning Lisbeth and I will be going to school for orientation. Her first full day will be Monday.  She has her uniform, backpack and lunchbox ~ it is starting to get real.
  2. Liam did really well at his first dental visit yesterday, unfortunately he has a couple small cavities that will have to be filled.  The dentist says they are very small and so she will just 'clean and fill' with no need for anesthesia. The one time Elisabeth had nitrous she didn't tolerate well so I would love to avoid but am unsure about filling a cavity with nothing.  Thoughts??
  3. Current favorite expressions of his: Excuse me coming foo (thru), and Bonjour mummy (love that my former non-speaker is now picking up French faster than his big sister).
  4. New blog finds: Fiona lynne -far far away and Chrystina Noel
  5. Praying for the people of Syria and for Peace; USCCB Statement 
  6. Am trying to plan Liam's birthday party next weekend; biggest challenge is picking a theme.  He is obsessed at the moment with all things fire fighting related; fireman, firetrucks, etc but every time I ask what kind of cake he wants he says Thomas the Tank engine ~ last year's theme which I think he now associates with his birthday.
  7. Weekend Plans; Getting ready for first days of school and a certain little boys birthday.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites Vol 7

Linking up today with Hallie of the Moxie Wife
  1. Forever friends: a friend from childhood who I had not seen in 13 years stopped by this week, loved seeing him in the flesh ~ loved that we talked and joked just like always
  2. The picture app by Disney called Story: gathers all of the pictures and videos by date and place and creates a virtual storybook that you can then post to Facebook or email.  Used it to share recent vacation pictures and was very happy with the result.
  3. MASH; have been watching a few episodes at night once the kids are asleep recently.  So much fun to share an old show we knew and liked but had never watched together.
  4. Caitlin saying "Mama", so sweet and the first time it has come before 'dada' in our house.
  5. Stacking Rings: A favorite of the current baby of the house as she stacks and/or chews and the kindergartener when they realize the rings stack in the correct rainbow order.

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