Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Takes vol #9

  1. Today is the fifth anniversary of my dad's passing, I of course miss him.  This is the first year I've really reflected on the fact that Elisabeth won't know him in this life and what I will want to share about him as she gets older
  2. A favorite book about his favorite mountain to climb.  "Look to the Mountain" by LeGrand Cannon.  A nice book about colonial New Hampshire if you like historical fiction, which I do
  3. Daffodils are blowing!!! And I have hope of Tulips!
  4. Started Chesterton's "Orthodoxy", not yet really into it, may require a solid chunk of time.  Hopefully this weekend
  5. I have been so encouraged but how quickly prayer vigils have been put together for Stellan, the baby with a heart condition (chronic SVT).  Seeing new technology used in such a positive way is really heartwarming
  6. Still preferring to hold someone's hands when walking, E. has started grabbing both my hands and yanking with all her might to get me to stand up and following her where she wants to up.  Usually up the stairs.
  7. Need to get gates up!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

  1. All but two of the Thank you notes for E. birthday are done, and hopefully I will knock those two out tonight
  2. Have meals planned for this week, making it two weeks in a row
  3. Three more scrapbooking pages done

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Praying for Stellan

Have been following and enjoying the posts and musings of 'My Charming Kids'  for many months.  This weekend their youngest who suffered from cardiac issues during his gestation inside mom, had those issues re-emerge.  

Wishing to join my prayers with those praying and encourage those who wander this way to pray for this courageous little boy and his parents.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday update

Made it to Stations, E. was a little squirmy and talkative but since this was the local parish school's 'Children's Stations' I don't think anyone minded.  Plus when it was over there was exposition of the blessed sacrament.  Granted I only stayed for about 5 minutes, but small successes are still successes.  Right?

Quick Takes vol #8

  1. Spring has sprung and while the temperature is suppose to dip again today the flowers peeking up in my yard reassure me that really spring will soon settle in to stay
  2. We enjoyed two trips to the playground this week and while the swings get raves (or more accurately applause), we are still unsure about sliding.  However the best thing by far is shouting hi to anyone and everyone who makes eye contact
  3. It is nearly the end of two very stressful weeks at work for my husband, and while I can't say I did not think an occasional frustrated 'why can't he help more here' thought, I to a great extent did not voice any therefore I hope not only not adding to his stress but maybe even lessening it a bit
  4. Attempts to return to Adoration this week resulted in once arriving to find that because of preparing for a special event later the Blessed Sacrament had been put away, and another time having E. decided to FINALLY fall asleep two minutes before I pulled into the parking lot.
  5. An unusual 'holy hour' (she only slept 40 minutes) I sat in my car knowing that he was in there and that he knew I was sitting in my car.  
  6. Will attempt to go the Stations of the Cross today, we will see what the wee one thinks of that.
  7. Weekend plans, quiet time with family enjoying the warmer weather.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Takes vol #7

  1. Friday and the quiet accomplishment of having made it through another week, grateful for the blessings it brought, looking forward the some family time over the weekend
  2. Long hours has meant DH missing bedtime several times this week, silver lining, watching E. nearly bounce out of her skin when he is home in time and she sees him.
  3. Speaking of E.: More independence and more opinions!! Hark is that toddlerhood I see coming towards us
  4. The discipline of taking some quiet time each day to read and reflect has brought with it not only the grace of improved attitude with those around me but a new appreciation for quiet and stillness
  5. Now even when my devotional time is finished, if the wee one is still quiet I stay still also maybe reading or working on pictures, but have no desire to turn on the TV or anything that makes noise
  6. Crocie (?sp) are blooming and tulips are sending up their shoots in my yard.
  7. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world (or blog-world at least)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick Takes vol #6

  1. I have a one year old, which is a concept I'm still trying to wrap my brain around.  And while I'm settling into the notion, it raises the question, Does this change anything?
  2. Clearly my job is still to make sure she is fed, clean, warm and surrounded by a sense of love and security, but should learning colors and numbers become part of our day.  Should her growing vocabulary continue to be random or purposeful?
  3. A full week into Lent the commitments and practices I'd hoped to set into place are and are not coming together in the usual ways the plans we make get altered by life.  The devotional is great, not complaining is a challenge and I'm still awaiting how I might best serve those around me this Lent
  4. E. is still to young to notice the change of season, liturgical or weather wise but of course it is never to early to set into place habits and traditions for when she will.  How do those of you with older children mark Lent and then Easter and the coming of spring?
  5. Having gotten to spend time with some of my nephews and niece this week I am struck by how each of them has changed the dynamic of our family, first by turning sisters into mothers and now by their own personality and interests
  6. This weekend my husband and I are coordinating our parish's Pre-Cana, we have done this now for a couple of years, and I am as always honored to be asked and completely unsure of what I can offer.  Marriage is such a huge undertaking and I sometimes feel we have stumbled into growth and strengthening as often as we have actively known the right thing
  7. Maybe that is the answer, love each other as well as you know how and make sure to leave room for grace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Bit!

A year ago today we finally met face to face.  I loved you from the start but now it is a love which has strengthen thru adversity and challenges.  Now too, it is a love you are learning to return. 

 So while I feel like my time with infant you was far too fleeting I am so excited for the year to come as you find your voice and many other adventures.

Happy Day! Great Year!