Me:  A New Englander by birth, with a healthy dose of Belgium by heritage, currently living in Pennsylvania.  A nurse-midwife by training turned clinical instructor for RN students by life events, currently mostly using my charism for caring to nurturing a marriage and raising a family as I discern what else God may be calling me to.

Dr. Daddy:  Pediatric specialist by day, guitar playing jack-of-all-trades by night/weekends.  My college sweetheart turned husband/life partner. Likes olives, snow, and reading comics ~ dislikes mushrooms and onions.

Elisabeth: 14 years old, math & art guru, lover of dragons and corgis ~ fun and feisty, my introduction to motherhood and source of light and laughter.

Liam: 11 years old, My cuddle buddy extraordinaire! Currently to be watching Digimon and Pokemon; if not running which he is much of the time!

Caitlin: 9 years old likes to twirl, draw, and Unicorns! Learning to read and other fun things in 3rd Grade.

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  1. What darling kiddos! Courtesy of Amazon Prime, we were just introduced to the wonderful world of Fireman Sam--those Welsh accents still catch me off guard. :) Also, your blog banner is just beautiful.