Friday, March 20, 2020

Quick Takes #287: Ma Bailey's 3 Room Schoolhouse

  1. Greetings from my corner of world where I am mostly successfully maintaining social distance except from my little and medium loves to whom I'm teaching about the distance their dear introverted mother needs on occasion.
  2. One week in remote learning is largely going well; though I am still taking a wary deep breath each morning as I log-in to find my orders for the day.  As in their teachers create the plan, and I to the best of my ability execute. Mostly this week has been a lesson in when they can work independently versus when I really need to sit with them.
  3. Hopefully next week goes even smoother; the weather continues to allow for outside time. Hopefully we begin to know if we are in fact 'flattening the curve', and what the timeline looks for the next few weeks.
  4. The world outside my window is starting to show signs of spring.  Our daffodils are in bloom, as is our forsythia. Trees all around are beginning to blossom and the smell in the air is beginning to change. About half of our yard was torn up for the addition construction leaving ample area for mud but hopefully soon grass seed.
  5. On the topic of the addition; I owe you a really post on this but... it is complete!! We now have a working bathroom!!  There is still a lot painting still to do, not to mention putting the rooms disrupted by the construction back in order but the biggest hurdle crossed.  
  6. Philadelphia along with many other dioceses has closed Mass to the general population so we will be watching one that is being streamed. But to be honest I am struggling to wrap my brain around what Tridium and Easter will be like, hoping if we start now by those important days I will have something in place here in our domestic church for my little family.  
  7. As with many of you, there are good days and tough days.  The uncertainty is tough but prayer is constant; and be assured of mine.
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Friday, March 6, 2020

Quick Takes #286: Some things about Elisabeth as a tween

   This has been the most wonderful year; she is the most perfect combination of elegant and goofy.
She re-discovered a love for gymnastics as well as exploring different types of music. 
All about Art and Math. Stuffies forever ~ llamas and corgis especially!!

  1. Very creative; she loves sketching and will sometimes spend her recess time drawing things for other students including her sister's 1st grade classmates.  We have added a couple small cork boards to her room for mini creations.
  2. She is becoming more adventurous with food and while she definitely still has her favorites now eats a wide range of things. Current favorites include Chai in the morning, corndogs for dinner and Mochi for dessert.  Bonne Mamy introduced her to iced green tea much to great effect.  
  3. She still loves Wings of Fire but is reading other series (in part to prepare for Reading Olympics).  Mostly in the page or online she loves dragons, Minecraft, and art.
  4. Stuffies: She continues to add her collection and while she has passed several forward I occasionally wonder how there is space for her in her loft bed; especially after she claimed a body pillow her dad had been gifted as her own.
  5. The school she attends continues to eighth grade but many students did leave to attend other local middle schools. Those remaining seem committed to helping everyone have a great year. While her bestie is likely still her twin cousin; there have been a lot of texting about classes and music this year.  She decided to perform a solo at the school 's Variety Show to great support from her classmates. 
  6. As she enters her last year as a tween, I'm so curious to see where it takes her. I'm aware that hormones will eventually add an unpredictability and angst to moods, until then I'm enjoying these days of learning, laughing and watching as she grows and matures.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Open Book ~ March'20

Marilla of Avonlea by Sarah McCoy is a wonderful look at Marilla Cuthbert's backstory. McCoy takes on the daunting task of telling the romance of Marilla and John Blythe; and does it well.  We also see how her and Rachel's friendship grew and developed; as well as an interesting subplot about lives of former slaves who sought freedom in Canada by way of the Underground Railroad.  While McCoy does not have Montgomery's skill at describing landscape I found her conversation and character development to be solid and very much in the Montgomery tradition.

Then for fun. I reread Anne of Avonlea, just to remind myself of details of Anne's life as she passed from girlhood to adulthood and found it to be every bit as wonderful as I remember.

Wives of War by Soraya Lane tells the story of three British nurses serving in France in the days and weeks after the invasion at Normandy.  While in places the writing was more about telling than showing I truly enjoyed the story's focus on the character's friendship, how they supported each other through the stresses of long hours, and poor conditions.  While there are definitely romance storylines the emphasis of the book is the important role nursing played in caring for the wounded and how they leaned on each other while doing this important work.

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