Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fall Daybook ~ 2019

Thinking about:  
       Getting ready for Advent and Christmas; have ordered cards and the kids have started working on their lists.  Gathering ideas and suggestions on what to get other people.  
Excited For:
    Thanksgiving ~ one of my favorite holidays, and we are headed down to celebrate with my mom and sisters.  Advent ~ I have my devotional and candles for the Advent wreath.

   Mostly jeans and clogs or wedges; I know for most fall means breaking out the boots (and I have a pair that gets some wear) but for me fall means my favorite wedges and wearing clogs again.  Also my navy pea-coat which helps me feel pulled together when I'm heading out into the world.

In the Yard:
    The trees have dropped most of their leaves so lots of raking to go but the end is in sight and then onto the pruning.  Planted some winter pansies, curious to see how they far this winter.  

Watching and Listening to:
    Enjoying the return of This is Us and Madame Secretary's last season, also The Crown on Netflix. Recently finished back seasons of The Good Place and have yet to find our next comedy to binge watch.
The Kids: 

Elisabeth is thriving in 6th grade; enjoying changing classes, Advanced Math and preparing for the Science Fair.  Continues to excel at her gymnastics class, currently working on her back and front handspring.  The end of the day finds her in her loft bed reading, listening to music and playing Minecraft.

Liam has settled well into 3rd grade; reading better and better all the time.  Enjoyed playing soccer this fall and is currently a Bear Scout. Pokemon is still tops and he continuous to astonish us with his almost encyclopedic knowledge of their different strengths and fighting types.

Caitlin is loving 1st Grade and doing really well; becoming more independent with reading I'm now enjoying the times when she reads to me.  Has been enjoying her beginners ballet/tap class though that is currently on hold while she recovers from a sprained ankle.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Open book ~ November'19

Autumn Throne completes Elizabeth Chadwick's trilogy of Eleanor of the Aquitaine beginning a few years into her house arrest by her husband King Henry II and covers the rest of her life.  As well written as the previous two it was fascinating to read the author's take on how her feelings for her husband shifted over time.  While technically historical fiction I come away from reading this trilogy feeling as if I have a good understanding of Queen Eleanor and the times in which she lived.

Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott continues the story begun in Eight Cousins picking up the story as Rose turns twenty and she and many of her older cousins navigate their way into adulthood.  The tone of this book was a bit heavier than the first but felt appropriately so as childhood challenges shift to adulthood questions and dilemmas.  So glad I have expanded into Alcott's other works.

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