Thursday, November 28, 2013

Theme Thursday: Thankful

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Giving thanks this day for:

this Indian

this Pilgrim

this sweet thing

And occasionally this view as we travel life's journey together.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes #147

Tough week on several fronts but here are 7 things that made me smile recently

  1. Looking up from locking up the house and helping Lisbeth put her helmet on to find Liam pedaling his tricycle down the block ALL BY HIMSELF!
  2. Christmas cards are ordered!!
  3. Lisbeth swallowed the most recent 'loose tooth', the Tooth Fairy came anyway.  I have been asked to not pack granola bars in her lunch when she has a very loose tooth.
  4. Can't imagine what he will be eating as a teenager as Liam is already eating leftover pizza COLD.
  5. Liam's new favorite show is Transformer Rescue Bots, and his favorite character is of course Heat Wave the fire truck.  And I am now supposed to, when prompted, give the action call.  So washing the dishes, or feeding Caitlin I may be called upon to call "Rescue Bots Roll to the Rescue!"
  6. So I was raking leaves and Liam was jumping in leaves and then Lisbeth came out and requested that I make a pile at the bottom of their slide: Genuis!! And much fun was had by all.
  7. Picture for the week:

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Third Person ~ Thankful Thursday

  Joy awoke this morning ready to dust off the old blog and give thanks for some of the good amidst the craziness. Giving thanks:

  • for the full moon she spied this morning post school drop-off
  • for the Dunkin Chai she treated herself to
  • the game of I Spy she played with Liam in the car
  • the sweet encouraging text her husband sent 
  • And his offer to bring home dinner tonight for them
  • watching her daughter be deep in conversation with classmates as soon as the goodbyes are said
  • Caitlin's smiles as she is woken and carried out into the cold to take Lisbeth to school
  • The new day off to a decent start despite the very early start

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Theme Thursday: Cold!!

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hosted by Mary Grace of Why, Yes,  I am Crazy

It has started to get very cold in the evening so 'Yay' for  footie pj's and sleep sacks!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Five Favorites: November 13th

  1. Tweed flats from Payless: In my search for the leopard print flats that seem to be everywhere this fall I found these, cute and comfortable!!  And very much more me than animal prints once I get honest with myself.
  2. Chobani yogurt bites ~ yummy flavors like raspberry with chocolate and pineapple with caramel in perfect snack-size portions, just right for a late afternoon pick-me-up and since it is Greek also just tart enough that the kids are happy with just ONE taste.
  3. Old Navy Infinity scarf: Soft and fun and just right for over a sweater or fleece
  4. Robeez: Once again we have a child that resists mightily having anything on her feet; so far so great ~ warm feet and so cute to boot!
  5. Crockpot ~ a question actually: We use ours every week, sometimes a couple of times in a week and our crockpot is now hitting the end of its road and so I'm looking for recommendations.  Any favorite crockpots?
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 things at 10 Months

10 things about Caitlin at 10 months:

  1. Not officially mobile ~ but with rolling and stretch squirming can get where she wants to go to reach what she wants to reach.
  2. Sleeping well in her crib, while she is still occasionally up once in the night overall I am very pleased with how the transition went ~ and Liam is thrilled to be sharing his room.
  3. Happy to try any food offered; we are increasing texture and so far it is going well.  Transitioning to table food is fun for her and means less work for me; win ~ win.
  4. Still nursing well and despite now having 6 teeth almost never nips; except a couple of times when one of her siblings startled her.
  5. So verbal/interactive now; she waves and claps; laughs and tries to imitate different sounds she hears.
  6. Singing to her is a good a fallback option when she is fussy and nursing is not an option.  ABC and Baa baa black sheep topping the chart parade.
  7. An absolute master at getting whatever is on her feet off; keeping her feet warm this winter may prove a bit difficult.  
  8. Continues to be a good 'tag-along', happy to hang-out in the front carrier or stroller as we let the big kids bike or scooter off some energy.
  9. As we head into the Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas Season ~ I know that the last couple months of her first year are going to race by, but it will be a fun ride watching her take it all in for the first time.
  10. Such a fun, happy, sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WWRW: November 6th

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Laura Willig; Book 4 of the Pink Carnation series (American doctoral student Eloise researching in England to complete her dissertation on the spies of the Napoleonic War) tells the story of  Mary Allsworthy and Lord Vaughn as they try and flesh out the Black Tulip a French spy supposedly with plans to invade England ~ falling in love along the way.

I enjoyed this one as much if not more than The Secret of the Pink Carnation, the dialogue is good, the pacing decent and Willig develops a plot with enough twists to keep it interesting but consistent enough that I never felt lost or that she pulled a rabbit from a hat.  I don't want to give the end away but it was surprising enough I did a bit of Goggling to better understand the actual events which inspired the ending, which in itself speaks well for a piece of historical fiction.  That said I'm not planning on going back immediately to find and read books 2 & 3; I feel 'caught up' on the contemporary love story of Eloise and Colin (descendant of The Pink Carnation) and so will likely go forward in the series when I come back to it.

However currently I'm enjoying Pope Awesome; others including our host have said it much better but let me add: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Cari Donaldson's story of her and her family's coming to know God's love and allowing it to be transformative is a funny, touching, soul-warming read.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes #146

1. Happy November! Blessed All Saints!! We had a good October but since it included some call time and a paper to submit for Dr Daddy and so a good bit of solo parenting with the added twist of kids in different schools and a semi-mobile baby who likes to find paper of all kind to put in her mouth it did feel like a race to the finish.

2. Didn't manage to post everyday but am happy with my count of 27 and am very grateful to The Nester for hosting and Dara of Not in Jersey for her writing prompt series.

3. Halloween happened and fun was had by all both at School and around the neighborhood.

Fire Chief Liam
Princess Lisbeth
 5. Caitlin dressed in the same costume we used for Lisbeth for her first Halloween did accompany the Trick or Treaters and even got a taste of chocolate to round out the evening.
Pumpkin Caitlin 
6. RED SOX! World Champions! Winning at home for the first time since 1918, Boston Strong!!
7. During the past week this showed up in my mailbox and this on my Kindle; will be reading as much as life and little people allow this weekend.

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