Friday, May 27, 2016

The day my daughter taught me detachment

   A year ago January Elisabeth came home from school with a permission form for a hair donation drive girls in an upper grade (I believe 6th) was organizing.  I got a ruler to make sure she understood what 6-7 inches looked like but then signed the permission slip and was very excited and proud of her; I had donated myself in the past and plight of those battling cancer is close to my heart what with being married to a pediatric oncologist and all.

  However a week ago when Lisbeth brought home a similar form I was much more reluctant.  It had only been about 15 months since the previous donation and while her hair grows well it was definitely shorter then the first time.  I encouraged her to wait till next year and really worried that her hair would be too short; but she persisted and by doing so reminded me of the good that is done when we are generous with what we are given and worry less about what will be left.

Great definition of detachment in catholic spirituality found here

Friday, May 20, 2016

Quick Takes #208

    1. The Birthdays were fun and tasty; carrot cake cupcakes for his and cheesecake for mine. Two actually due to a communication miss!!
    2. The Penn Newman Center released a video which brought back so many memories and made me so proud to have been a part of this wonderful place both as a student and now an alumni.
    3. The sun decided to shine and we seize the moment with walks and bike rides; allowing me to try out the bike trailer I received for my birthday!
    4. Really appreciated this post from Anne the Modern Mrs Darcy. As I switch out clothes for the change of seasons I'm trying to purge and learning more about what works for me is always helpful.
    5. Having heard that this was Grey's last season (not true by the way) after not watching for awhile have started up again and overall liked the finale ~ aside from my usual rant that it seems like TV shows can never just let a woman give birth!!
    6. Crowd sourcing: I'm not a good water drinker and aside from just getting over it and drinking the water ~ what are your best tips for getting in your water consumption?
    7. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Quick Takes #207

  1. Mother's Day was lovely ~ filled with hand-made crafts made at school, breakfast in bed, gifts cards for coffee breaks and culminated with watching a Red Sox win!
  2. While the weather is definitely tending grey and rainy but with the few good days this week I managed to get the lawn mowed and some seedlings planted.  
  3. Going to play fangirl for a moment and tell you that if you are not reading California to Korea ~ you must check it out. In addition to being the new host of Theme Thursday Micaela writes about issues of faith and parenting with such humor and sensitivity it's a must read!
  4. Kids are overall dealing with the lousy weather well and definitely getting excited for summer. Many a cushion fort has been built and they are already discussing what to pack for the different trips planned.
  5. Am excited about the proposed commission regarding the role of women deacons if for no other reason than to learn more about roles women played in the early church.
  6. Speaking of women's history; I recently picked up a copy of Capital Dames. I have read and enjoyed (the first more than the second) Roberts prior two books and look forward to jumping into this one soon.
  7. The weekend will involve a bunch of yard work if the weather holds and as much reading as I can manage if it doesn't. Have a good one!!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Open Book ~ May 2016

O Pioneers by Willa Cather was my pick for the category "a book I should I have read in high school"  in this year's Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge ~ and I'm so glad I did.

Cather's story of a Swedish family seeking to make a go of homesteading on the Nebraska prairies led by the level headed daughter after their father's death is lovely; filled with successes and failures, of people being kind to each other and people not. The writing is compelling and draws you in but doesn't overwhelm you as the various characters make their revelations slowly and with due deliberation.

While currently my TBR list is long I am now curious about this author's other works and will no doubt be back before too long.

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