Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy New (liturgical) Year!!

Having enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with delicious food enjoyed with family as warm, happy memories are shared and new memories are made. I now turn my attention to Advent and preparing my home and myself for Christmas.
Advent begins today and as I was setting up our Advent wreath and thinking about the other preparations I would make this week both inwardly and outwardly I could not help to wonder about the preparations Mary and Joseph must have made for their journey.
Outwardly they would need transportation and provisions for the journey, probably offerings for the census officials and rabbis. But what about inwardly, did Mary anticipate that she would deliver while away? Did they sense that they were leaving their home for many years? What prayers did they offer?

Happy Advent! Let us journey together to Bethlehem!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Gratitude and Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks for:
a warm happy home
to gather together and eat
delicious food prepared by my hard-working,
cooking loving husband.
To be shared with family and friends
including a happy, cuddily toddler
as we give thanks for many wondrous gifts of God
the greatest of which is his love.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: November 24th

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse, and olympic gymnast. Well one out of two is not bad.

2. Name 3 of your irrational fears.

Very afraid of being burned, getting yelled at, and rodents.

3. If you had a $200 gift card to any store, what would you want it to be? (Nothing responsible allowed. Can’t be used for groceries or anything)

Borders for books for me, or Gymboree for clothes for E.

4. What is your most (blog-friendly) embarrassing moment?

While sitting on an old bench I leaned over to kiss my boyfriend, the bench snapped and collapsed down breaking a bone in his foot.

5. If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Hot: French Fries
Cold: Fruit (berries)

6. What was your favorite toy growing up?
A couple dolls

7. Do you have a “go to” outfit? What is it?

For everyday: Jeans and a black top
For dressier: Khaki skirt and sweater top.

8. Who was the best teacher you ever had?

Dr. Hatch: Biology, though I also adored my kindergarden teacher Mrs. Barnes

9. If you could buy any car right now (something at least SORT OF within the realm of reality…so, you know, a Rolls Royce may not qualify), what would it be?
A current Subaru Forester, I like the car & company: Ours is 9 years old.

10. How do you reckon that Chelsea comes up with 10 of these questions every week? It was hard! What’s your theory on how she’s so creative? Are you going to help her?

Yes I think she is very creative and ingenius. However I am happy to help and offer question ideas

Thank you to Chelsea for hosting this funny and creative round-up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Takes vol #38:Thanksgiving Rant!

  1. Someone recently asked me how ready for Christmas I was, and I strongly had to resist the urge to complain that I wasn't even ready for Advent yet. While I greatly appreciate the concept that beginning your shopping and planning early allows you to enjoy the season more; but have we as a culture decided that it is okay to asked the week before Thanksgiving how ready for Christmas someone is? I vote No!
  2. I would also like to stand in defense of Thanksgiving which is a lovely holiday celebrating a lovely idea of giving thanks for the bounty of blessings which surround us. I LOVE THANKSGIVING! I love the food, remembering to give thanks, little kids dressed as pilgrims and indians!
  3. Thanksgiving is coming, the pumpkins getting ripe, please put in a can in the local can drive!!
  4. E. continues to call me Daddy (for about a month now) but shouts it with such glee I decided to see the humor and not worry about semantics.
  5. Okay back to my rant over skipping Thanksgiving: What is with Grey's Anatomy and ABC broadcasting their Christmas/New Year's episode in November?!?
  6. My C's mom (who I love but who totally intimidates me in the kitchen is coming) is coming and I going to try two new recipes. Aren't I brave!?!
  7. Plans for the weekend, time with family and getting ready for THANKSGIVING!
Please visit Conversion Diary and enjoy the rest of the round-up.
Thank you Jen!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Successes:Nov. 19

  1. Have earned all the grocery points needed for a free turkey ( and largely stocked us up with good stuff as oppose to buying junk)!
  2. Prioritized enjoying the good weather this week and enjoyed a couple great walks with my favorite toddler.
  3. Caught up on the laundry and managed to put most of it away

Today I'm giving thanks for:
Walks in the sunshine
Hard-working husband
My daughter
Friends & Companions on the Journey

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: November 17th

1. What are some of your family traditions?

From my family of origin: Putting out our shoes for St. Nicholas, King's' cake on the Epiphany
From my husband's Family: Sharing the oplatki wafer on Christmas Eve, Offering Easter guests a platter of food including egg, sausage, candy, bread, butter, salt, etc

2. Do you know how to change a flat tire?

3. Do you subscribe to any magazines? What are your favorites?
Newsweek, America, Cooking Light, Money, & Oprah

4. What are your top three favorite office supply items? (If you don’t share the love of office supplies with me or if you are male, you may skip this question.)
Post-its, colored file folders, colored pens

5. Are you a good public speaker?
Terrified to start, But tend to do well once I'm actually speaking

6. How do you feel about acronyms?
Can be fun, can become annoying as people create a whole new language

7. What’s the most creative things you’ve ever done? (Bloggers, feel free to include pictures!)

With my husband's (and God's) help I made a person:

8. I’d rather jam a pen in my eye than…
Sing in public

9. What company has the best advertising?
Northern Mutual, McDonalds

10. When is your birthday?
Middle of May

Thanks again to Chelsea of Roots and Rings for hosting

Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Takes vol #37

  1. New trick for dealing with my increasingly picky eater; load up her high-chair tray, give her a sp-ork and walk away (aka do something else in the kitchen). Apparently when no-one is prompting her to eat and she is allowed feed herself as messily as she would like she is hungry.
  2. Yummy beef stew for dinner last night; definitely stew & soup season!
  3. Want it to stop raining
  4. Fun with pronouns: After being chased a few times during which someone probably said something to the effect of "Gonna get you", Elisabeth now shouts while running "Gonna get me"
  5. Now that she has a growing understanding of the concept HOT, have been offering sips of my drinks; so far warm apple cider and chai. She seemed to enjoy both and I bet she might enjoy hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream of course.
  6. Have ordered and received photo cards- now the dilemma: Christmas Letter or no?? Opinions welcomed!
  7. Plans for the weekend: Yard-work (if the rain ever stops) and grading
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small Successes:You Go Mom!

  1. Again found the courage the try a new recipe, resulting in a yummy stew (BTW my cooking insecurity is all me, C. has always been very supportive and encouraging).
  2. Finished making a surprise tape for my nephew (now I just have to mail it.)
  3. Am fighting the blues a bit right now, but trying to focus on the good and look for the positive around me (like in this post and all of you reading)
Today I am giving thanks for:
A loving husband who encourages me to try new things
The encouragement of friends
A warm, dry place to come in from the rain
The cuddily toddler who fills my world with light and love
That I am saved by love

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sesame Street!!

As my husband was part of the first generation to watch Sesame Street, and I the next (or third; still not sure how one counts generations culturally) it has been one of the few shows we will let Elisabeth watch. So it was with great pleasure that we together watched the 40th Anniversary episode yesterday; when the number of the day was 40 and Big Bird considered moving upon learning that many birds migrate only to realize that Sesame Street was the perfect habitat for him.
While the character she is most likely to recognize Elmo did not live on the street when I was first watching, much of the same excitement and pleasure exist as together we enjoy the adventures of Ernie & Bert, Super Grover and other constant friends of mine whom I am grateful are still around for Elisabeth to make their acquaintance.

Sunny days indeed!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: November 10th

1. What gift are you most proud of giving?
Many, many years ago I found the perfect St Nicholas statue to give my mom. Then every year after I would give her another figurine for St Nicholas day. I only found out years later that for the first many years she had thought it was my dad and when she found out it was her (then) teen-age daughter surprising her she was really touched.

2. What’s the best gift you ever received?
For my twenty-first birthday I received a sapphire ring which originally belonged to my great-grandmother

3. In honor of my husband: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
In a bad fall of the balance beam I tore all the lower arm ligaments connecting into my right wrists. The doctor later told me a broken bone would have healed easier (still had to wear a cast for seven weeks).

4. They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Who’s 15 minutes has gone on far too long? (The Gosselins are not acceptable answers, be more creative.)
The Kardasian Girls

5. You have 20 minutes and $1000. What do you buy?
Plane tickets to Belgium (and/or Ireland)

6. Tell me three blogs that I need to read.
My Life in Transition
Sweetness in the Small Stuff

7. Would you rather go without pizza or ice cream for the rest of your life?
Pizza (am actually eating ice cream as I answer this)

8. Would you rather go to a beach or a snowy mountain?
HARD Decision: Beach wins by a hair

9. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Was a morning person, grad school and marriage turned me into a night owl, parenthood is turning me back

10. What word do you always misspell?
Oppurtunity (how I usually spell it)

Thanks again to Chelsea of Roots and Rings for hosting.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Evening Post:November

It is time again for Saturday Evening Post hosted by Elizabeth Esther where we celebrate and revisit good posts from the past. For this month I selected the post acknowledging my hundredth post~a chance to look back and forward in gratitude for my wonderful readers.

Please visit and enjoy the rest of the Saturday Evening Posts!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Takes vol #36

  1. We had a very successful Halloween from the experience side; Elisabeth enjoyed her costume, we got a couple good pictures, and before it started raining she visited six or so houses on our street and gave a good try at say 'Treat or Trick'.
  2. From a generousity viewpoint it was a bust, shortly into the evening it begun pouring so I have SO much candy left. Anyone know what to do with left-over candy?
  3. I was tempted to name the seven foods I can on a daily basis convince my favorite toddler to eat, but I'm still in denial that she has become a picky eater. In my defense one of her favorite foods is avocado, so she is healthy if a little picky.
  4. Aspects of school are showing up; She will now pound on something pretending to play the drums and then bow saying 'thank you, thank you'. I did not teach her that!
  5. Very successful visit with Charlie's mom. She is an amazing cook and so I always find cooking for her intimating but I plucked up my courage and made the Chicken & Barley dish I have recently discovered...and she loved it.
  6. While I was a little frustrated to hear Christmas carols playing in the store I was in on NOV 1st, it is a useful reminder to organize and make decisions about gifts I still need to get.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Sleep in as late as my favorite toddler lets me :-)
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Small Successes:November 5th

  1. With the help of Charlie's mom was able to get the leaves raked, grass cut and fall fertilizer down. Hopefully that should hold till the spring (aside from shoveling of course!).
  2. Christmas cards designed and ordered
  3. Was able to have Elisabeth seen for her 18 month visit, only two months late (pediatrician's office was closed for renovations) and her flu shot.
Today I am giving thanks for:
Nice visits from family
A giggly happy girl who can very nearly jump
A wonderful husband to A-frame with
Sunny crisp days to enjoy the last of the fall colors
God's love and forgiveness

Please visit Faith & Family Live to enjoy the rest of the Small Success round-up and share some of your own.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: November 3rd

1. What animal should cease to exist? (Not including bugs. That’s too obvious.)
Rats: I appreciate the need for rodents (I guess) but find rats beyond the pail

2. What was your favorite thing about the beach?
Almost everything, I love the smells of the seawater, watching the waves roll in, jumping and swimming in the water, walking the shoreline, and time spent with family

3. If scientists found a way to
allow dogs to talk, do you think we should implement it? Or should we just keep them quiet?
Yes, I think it would be fascinating.

4. How do you order your Starbucks?
Politely (Just kidding): Usually Grande Mocha, in the summer Grande Ice Mocha no whip and currently
Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte

5. What’s worse? People who don’t know the difference between your and you’re OR people who don’t use smack their food?
Hard call, but I'm going to go with smacking

6. What CD can you listen to over and over?
Rich Mullins; Liturgy, Legacy and Ragmuffin Band
Amy Grant: Greatest Hit, and Songs from the Loft
Peter, Paul and Mary: Around the Campfire

7. What was the most surprising thing about college?
How much I learned about myself outside the classroom in friendships I formed
and the issues that became important to me

8. What’s the best deal you ever got? (Biggest sale item.)
Don't know if this is the best but most recently got a small Fisher Price Dollhouse for $7 at a yard sale

9. Who is your role model? Why?
My aunt who raise a family, had a satisfiing nursing career and now in
retirement travel the globe with her husband!

10. What movie would you like to see that is in theaters right now? Why?

Thanks to Chelsea for once again hosting!!