Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Still reading the same books from last week so I thought I'd share some favorite's at bedtime.

9 O'Clock Lullaby: This was a library book and currently unavailable Amazon wise but I will be keeping an eye out for this one.  Beginning in Brooklyn, NY at 9pm with Mama singing a lullaby we than travel to Puerto Rico at 10 pm and across the Atlantic and around the world.  With lovely illustrations the book was a fun way to talk about places around the world and idea of time zones.

Blueberries For Sal: This was a favorite of Lisbeth that we have brought back out thinking Liam would like, he does.  They both enjoy adding the sound effects and the idea that the mommies and kids get all mixed-up.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Best and a Challenge Completed

     Church was just us girls today and overall went well; Caitlin did request a feeding and Lisbeth a bathroom run but one can't always plan around this bodily calls.  Having recently mastered the 'Our Father' Lisbeth enjoyed the Gospel and for the first time in ever listened to part of the homily.
They both earned an A-.

Inspired by Ana, I recently bought (and wore today) a polka-dot shirt.  I like that they are of different sizes giving a sort of bubble effect. The rest of the outfit consisted of black slacks and shoes.

Clearly need to work on my selfies technique

     This post also marks to completion of the 7 posts in 7 days challenge.  It has been both easier and tougher than I guessed.  I could usually easily think of something to write each day but while I know in my head that most of what I write is interesting only to me and maybe some family members, my heart loves comments and so posting multiple times in a short period was a bit tougher on the emotions than I had anticipated.  Still I'm glad I took and met the Challenge.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elisabeth ~ at the moment

Happy for a chance to in a sense hit the pause button and remember Lisbeth at this moment; in so many ways she seems on the verge of growing up.  We have recently bought her an alarm clock and will in the next couple of weeks go to the uniform store to get her uniforms for kindergarten.

She now swims with arm floats, is becoming faster and faster on her scooter and will soon need a bigger bike.

But it is more than milestone stuff, her attitude is maturing; less of the picky eater, lose of screen time or some other privilege is greater deterrent than time-outs, she this summer had her first 'crush' and will run off to play with the quickest of good-byes to me.

Currently wants to be a Mommy, nurse of animals and people and a potter when she grows up.
Loves pink and purple, Hello Kitty, watching Max & Ruby and Lalaloopsy.

A great big sister, most of the time.
Mailing a letter to her pen pal

Fun & feisty, still my strong-willed child but better at caring, sharing and controlling those emotions each day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick Takes # 139, Work'n the Tired Neurons

  1. Day 5 of 7 posts in 7 days; Quick takes have been a favorite of mine throughout my blogging time; a chance and space for new ideas or concepts and jot down events I don't want to forget.
  2. Busy week in the world of the Royals; first on Sunday Belgium crowned their seventh king.  Was pleasantly surprised how much coverage I was able see here from the U.S.
  3. Then on Monday the birth of the Prince George of Cambridge.  Congratulations again to them!!
  4. Liam had another speech evaluation this week; he ages out of the Birth to 3 program this fall and this was for the next level. I was a bit worried since he had been under the weather this weekend and was still acting clingy.  He did great, even charming the speech therapist by tapping his chin and saying  "Tinking, tinking" when he didn't know the answer.
  5. So excited to see all of the posts and news articles coming out of Rio and World Youth Day; I've never attended but since Denver have know someone who has attended (except this year I think).  It is always so fun to hear the stories when they get back.
  6. So the sickies mentioned before continued into the night and Lady Cate and I camped out on the couch for the night ~ praying she is over it, no one else gets it ~ and on little sleep my patience holds up for the day.
  7. Good Weekend Everyone!!

New Royal Family of Belgium
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silver amidst the clouds

So in one of those 'in the trenches' day which included vomit and many diapers and no potty success the promise to post 7 in 7 has me stopping at the end of the day to try and remember some silvery shimmers amidst the storm clouds

  • Lisbeth's camp had a field trip to a bouncy place and she had a blast.
  • During a feeding Liam came over a put a cowboy hat on my head, and Caitlin came off to flash the biggest smile
  • Link-ups like Theme Thursday & 7 posts in 7 days gave me much to read & enjoy when I could get online.
  • The day included a yummy iced coffee and a cold Dr Pepper now
  • A very cool start to the day allowed for wearing favorite jeans for awhile
  • An evening dinner brought home by Dr Daddy to be shared after tucking in the littles.

Hoping she is back to her happy self tomorrow

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What We Are Reading Wednesday #2

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice to share What We are Reading

                                                  The Secret of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Williq; I'm

about a third of the way through this story of a graduate student who goes to London to investigate the spies of the Napoleonic Wars; and so far I like ~ well written, decently paced, interesting characters.  I'm told this is the first of eight so I may well have found a new author to explore.

Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts is a continuation of her exploration of the lives and contributions of the wives, daughters and friends of the Founding Fathers of this nation begun in Founding Mothers.  This one covering the time from John and Abigail Adams time in the White House to their son John Quincy Adams and his wife, Louisa (1797- 1825). Only really getting started with this one but have read & enjoyed Founding Mothers.

Family plug
HIM is a sweet friends become lovers, coming of age, misunderstandings of first love story which is currently on sale on Amazon and B&, and written by my youngest sister Carey Heywood.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 reasons I love Catholicism

Linking in with Micaela of California to Korea with 3 Reasons I love Catholicism

1. The Sacraments: I love that while we are always to be open to God's grace we also understand that at key points in life; as we are initiated and further initiated into the Church, or choosing our vocation for example God's amazing grace rains down on us.

2. Community: So many people who have never met Caitlin before all welcoming her as one of the family ~ that holds pretty much all over the world. 

3. Adoration: Difficult of late between little kids and the perpetual chapel local to me closing, but I love knowing I'm welcome to stop by anytime ~ He is always home.

Joining Jen of Conversion Diary in 7 posts in 7 days ~ head over to see who else took the challenge.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Richmond

Back from a whirlwind trip to Richmond where much fun was had by all the Baileys; however since the kids decided to sleep in shifts last night leaving me bleary please pardon the bullet point perspective.

  • Headed out solo with the littles on Thursday to allow for some extra cousin time. as Dr Daddy had a work trip he joined us by train on Saturday.  There was a bit too much traffic in Northern VA for all our taste and we will need to work on Caitlin's happy-in-the-carseat setting before the New England trip.  Despite a few setbacks we happily arrived at Bonne-Mamy and enjoyed some cousin time, dinner and then some sleep.
  • With everyone mostly sleeping the night!!!! we were readying to greet the day Friday and get in some playground time before the heat got too much, so after some breakfast we all headed out to a local park with playgrounds, hiking trails and a lake with ducks, geese and turtles.
  • The playground was a lot of fun and even Caitlin got in on some swinging, however even in the shade it soon became too hot sticky so we headed back to Bonne-Mamy's for an early lunch and some rest time.  Bubble time and a chance to visit with both Aunt Kim and Aunt Carey rounded out the day.
  • Saturday meant pool time with the cousins for Elisabeth; Liam enjoyed the little pool a bit before coming with Mommy to the train station to pick up Daddy.  We all rounded out the day at a wonderful dinner hosted by my middle sister and her husband.
  • Finally it was Sunday and after a lovely breakfast with Bonne-Mamy and Mass for Caitlin and me we headed out to get Daddy back in time for his church & music commitments.
It was a wonderful weekend; I loved watching my big 2 get to play with their cousins, introducing Caitlin to parts of her VA family ~ and those cherished moments when I get to sit and talk with my mom and sisters.

Now the photo dump:

Oldest cousin/grandchild holding the youngest

Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes #138

Blogger not letting me put picture at the bottom, enjoy.
  1. Somewhere in the past week I passed 600 posts, Hoot!!
  2. In researching links for Diners, Drive-in and Dives for a recent post I came upon this link which shows a map of local places featured.  Have so far been to one but now that I've found the map; we'll be changing that.
  3. I'm having one of those 'they must be growing in their sleep' weeks.  Elisabeth is doing wonderful in her swim lessons and this week started swimming without any floatation aids.  She is also going through the math summer stuff I found so fast I'm starting to look for more.  Reading continues to be a challenge but even that is coming quicker and smoother.
  4. The King of the Belgians is abdicating in favor of his son later this month.  This coming after the abdication of Pope Benedict and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has me wondering of longer life spans and jobs thought to have lifetime commitments. In the meantime enjoy this fun Belgian Video.
  5. Liam speech evaluation went really well, the therapists are happy with the progress he is making but argued to continued therapy for the moment to not lose momentum.   He ages out of the program in September anyway.
  6. We have also started potty training; so he can tell us what is suppose to go in the potty, now hoping for some practical evidence of understanding.
  7. Have a wonderful weekend; mine will hopefully include a haircut (resisting urge to hack at it myself)!!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Theme Thursday: Rooms

Joining again with Cari of Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.

We have through the quirk of a roof leak and pressures of necessity updated both our bathrooms in the last year. Fun, nerve wracking but fun!

Downstairs, stayed with a lighthouse wallpaper cause we are stubborn like that.

Most recently, upstairs

And from the archives, Elisabeth at 3 helping to paint before getting transitioned her Big Girl room.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Caitlin at 6 months

While I come to terms with the idea that our first year with her is half over, here are a few of the new and fun things she is up to:

  • Sleeping: Still sleeping in the cradle though those days are likely numbered as she is rolling more.  Not sure yet if we will bring the pack&play into our room for a bit or transition her to the crib and introduce her to her new roommate (we still deciding who that should be).  Still usually up around 4 for a feeding; she has now a couple of times slept till 5:30a.
  • Eating: Essentially still exclusively nursing she continues to enjoy bites or spoonfuls of whatever we offer, though after a couple bites deciding that the spoon is more fun to chew on generally.
  • Sitting up independently very well now having discovered that holding onto your feet is a wonderful way of keeping yourself balanced. While I still don't leave her unattended I am amazed how long she now sits before tilting over.  Will happily hang out on her stomach for awhile and rolls to get herself front to back or vice versa is not yet traveling at all.
  • Despite acting for all intense purposes as if she is teething for the last month, chewing on everything within reach and going to town on any ice offered, still only has the 2 teeth she got just after turning four months.  Curious to see when the next one arrives.
  • Loves watching the world go by especially her older siblings; and it continues to hold true that no one can get her laughing like Lisbeth, though she is now willing to favor the rest of us with the occasional chuckle.
  • And car rides have gotten much better as she will look out the window and/or sleep with minimal complaining now during the day ~ Night however is a very different story.
  • Cradle cap now largely gone she continues to be fair with hair that looks to be strawberry blonde and blue eyes. 

Happy Half Birthday Lady Cate!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy Independence Day!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice for What We're Reading Wednesday.

One benefit of Caitlin settling into something of a schedule is that a few days a week I can get her and Liam napping at the same time and often I'm using that time to get some chore best done with the use of both my hands done but sometimes I seize on the chance to READ!!

Two books I recently finished were;

Lord Vorpatril's Alliance: This is the latest book in the Vorkosigan Saga, with Ivan the often featured playboy cousin of Miles getting his book.  It is overall a very fun read (drags a bit in the middle) and lets you catch up with familiar characters with the fun of a shift of perspective as those usually at the periphery are now central and vice versa.  Just the right mix of adventure, intrigue, space opera and romance by me. Not sure how it would stand as a stand alone but if you have been debating about getting the latest in this series ~ Go for it!!

The Good Man: Rediscovering My Father Sargent Shriver:  A memoir written by Mark Shriver as he comes to term with his father's death and legacy.  A lovely quick read of man somewhat in the public eye and how the virtues of faith, hope and love enabled him in roles ranging from Founder/Director of the Peace Corp, Ambassador to France, and long-time husband and father to at the end of his life be regarded as 'A Good Man'.  A wonderful book about a life well lived and how he and his family dealt when Alzheimer settled in for the attack.

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