Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Adventures in preparing for your Second Reconciliation

   Part of the excitement around here is that the date for Liam's First Holy Communion is fast approaching. In addition to picking out cake flavors, and figuring out the guest list; we are also talking a lot about the Mass ~ specifically the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

   We also did a bit of backtracking this week preparing Liam for his second Reconciliation.  During an impromptu review session I discovered that he remembered the steps of the rite, but the idea of an Examination of Conscience was in need of a refresher.

As it happens, I had recently been given a copy of Kimberly Fries' book on that very subject.  The book takes a lovely, direct approach, encouraging the child to pray before a crucifix or the Blessed Sacrament and using the Ten Commandments as a guide ask themselves key questions.  Fries does a wonderful job aiming the questions at the early elementary age level; my 2nd grader who reads at grade level needed help reading a few of the words but understood what was being asked throughout. I like the framework and the creativity and sensitivity shown around the more 'adult' commandments such as the 6th.  Overall a wonderful addition to our library and one that will definitely get a lot of use.

I was provided a copy of Examination of Conscience for Little Ones in return for my honest review.