Friday, May 29, 2020

Quick Takes #289: As My Remote Schoolhouse closes for the summer

  1. Today is the last day of the school year give or take returning textbooks and chrome books next week. The bigs each have papers due today; and we are all a little crispy around the edges after a week of exams and finishing final projects.
  2. That being said I am extremely proud of all of them and how they met every challenge given by their teachers really well.  I am also taking a moment to acknowledge how well I think I rose the challenge as well.  With a significant shout-out to Dr Dad who came to my rescue a few times when technology tried to get the better of me.
  3. Memories to hold on; Lisbeth and Dr Dad discussing/commiserating how to attend several Zoom meetings a day and still get your work in on time.  Morning prayer time when they would take turns leading the Morning Offering and saying the pledge. Caitlin also tried to teach me the school song with mixed results.
  4. I also had fun introducing the youngest two to some of my favorites from Grammar Rock when they were learning about conjunctions and adjectives.
  5. It was also fascinating to see their learning styles up close; for example I see a standing desk in Liam's future.  Lisbeth preferred to work on the floor in her bedroom where she could spread her papers out in a circular manner; organized chaos if you like.  She also won a few prizes for her enthusiasm in zoom meetings.  Caitlin is struggling the most with missing seeing her friends but also finished the year strong.
  6. As the many different options for the next year are discussed and given how many of them include as least part-time remote learning I'm glad to know we can do it if we need to.  But first summer ~ and summer work; but that is for another day!

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Monday, May 25, 2020

First Rosary books ~ A Review

  A couple months ago Holy Hero's very graciously send me a set of My First Rosary books and I wanted to very much take time this month (Mary's month) to share what a blessing they have been.

     Really well made with sturdy full-color pages I'm sure that they will hold up well through lots of use.  Intended for my 7 year; in fact my older kids very much enjoy having a turn with them during our family rosary to read the description of the mystery we are praying and they are leading.  The bead illustration also helps with keeping count with the decade being prayed.

 And in one on one time with my 7 year we can read them as if they were bible story books, where she can both learn the events of Jesus and Mary's life and begin to learn which events constitute the different mysteries of the Rosary.  Another great feature for both during our family rosary and when Caitlin explores on her own is that all the prayers of the Rosary are listed in the back of each book.

We were sent a set of the  Little Catholic First Rosary books in return for my honest review and I am so glad to add these resources to the prayer life of my kids.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Open Book ~ May'20

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner which will be released later this month is a lovely story about a village in England where the author Jane Austen lived for a while, and what a small group of townspeople did to preserve her legacy.  I found this book slow to get going but ultimately wonderful with developed characters and amusing dialogue.  The book also speaks to Austen's appeal across the generations.

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt tells the story of the Civil War from the perspective of a 10 year old; youngest son in a family living in Southern Illinois.  A quietly moving YA story (based on the experience of the author's grandfather) where a young boy comes of age practically because his older brothers leave and the work of the farm remains and emotionally as the stresses and worries of war continue over the years.

Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall, is a practical, funny look at the little changes that can make a big difference.  Based on a 9 month experiment where the author seeking to enjoy more of her everyday life rather than racing through, changed a few things each month to sort-out in her world what made a difference.  I enjoyed the journal format and emphasis on trial and error, as well as the author's approach being that of offering suggestions what worked in her married, four kids life. I also appreciated how Kuykendall shared how her faith effected her decisions but don't feel that this would be offensive or off-putting to non-Christians.

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Quick Takes #288: Thoughts as May blooms

  1. Happy May Day! Channeling Mr Darcy to Elizabeth "I hope your family is in good health"; we are all doing fine here and my Lily of the Valley have come up nicely which always seems a good omen for the month to me.
  2. Speaking of Pride and Prejudice, one of the post school day pleasures I am enjoying is listening to Jennifer Ehle's Youtube channel where she is reading the book chapter by chapter. Lovely!! 
  3. Another treat I really enjoy is reading on the front porch which I had been early in April, unfortunately the last two weeks have been too chilly. Fingers crossed that May allows for more porch sitting and reading. 
  4. School lessons are continuing well with us overall in a good pattern, but with just enough hiccups and technical glitches to keep me on my toes. The teachers and administrators arranged a car parade this week and it was so much fun.  The planned route went right by our house so we were able to stand in the front year with the signs the kids made and cheer. The kids really enjoyed seeing their teachers and it broke up the monotony of week.
  5. With so much uncertain about summer plans we paid our community pool dues but are otherwise trying to stay in the present.  Focusing on making remote learning go smoothly; and finding some fun in each day while keeping it quiet when Dr Dad is tele-conferencing.
  6. With good weather predicted we have high hopes for knocking out jobs both inside and out; but I'm also planning on some porch reading. Whatever your weekend holds ~ Enjoy!

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