Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Successes: June 30th

  1. Weeded a good portion of the side yard path.
  2. New blinds are bought and hung
  3. Am consistently reading in the afternoon when nap time allows

Giving Thanks this Thursday for:
a little girl who did not cry at her swim lesson
playground laughter
popsicles shared
baby laughter and snuggles
favorite old TV series rediscovered
sunny afternoons spent reading
Grace renewed and love everlasting

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Takes #83

1 Congratulations to Jen and her husband on the birth of their new daughter!

2. Discreet nursing is made difficult when your nursling wants to play peek-a-boo with the cover.

3. Style icon: I have been thinking about this idea since reading about the concept on our host site and here ~ perhaps Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie ~ nice tops, capri and cute shoes.

4. However given that I am living outside of Philadelphia, raising kids ~ and am of that uncertain age ~ perhaps Mel Harris as Hope would be the better fit. I just don't think of the fashions of that show as iconic.

5. Letter writing sessions with Lisbeth continue with much silliness, but as she spontaneously started writing 'H' this week, maybe some learning is happening.

6. Favorite summer moment of the week ~ sitting on the front step sharing a popsicle. Not sure who enjoyed more the happy toddler or the teething baby!

7. Weekend plans ~ family time, grass cutting and perhaps some strawberry picking.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The pleasure of stolen moments

With the nap situation improving, in that both the little people I share my days with often consenting to nap at the same time, and with the addition of a nice table & umbrella under which to enjoy a sunny summer afternoon ~ I have again on a daily basis gleefully got my nose in a book or two (well actually 3).

I love reading and it is my norm to have several books going; at the moment

Fiction-wise: Persuasion by Jane Austen ~ an Austen I've never read and had my curiousity peaked by how it was described in the film The Jane Austen Book Club

Non-fiction wise: We Two by Gillian Gill ~ a telling of the courtship and marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England

Spiritual wise: Parenting with Grace by Gregory & Lisa Popcak ~ a Catholic parenting guide that I'm reading inspired by Sarah of Fumbling toward Grace's post about vocation.

Any suggestions for what should come next?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

40 Weeks ~ a review

40 weeks is the story told in journal style about a young mother, Anna, processing and healing from the loss of her first child to a miscarriage as she plans and anticipates the coming of her second. Touching also on themes of marriage, aging, and celebrating family and friends throughout the life cycle.
40 weeks is a lovely, lovely read with many wonderful gems of wisdom to ponder and explore. How does a young couple support and love each other through loss and heartache? How do we mourn someone we have barely met? How do we best love and support an older person dealing with the limitations of disease and aging? For example the title refers to the title on the journal that "Jack" gives "Anna" knowing that in part, his wife would need to write her way through her grief.
These and others questions are approached with humor and tenderness by the author Paige Beselt a blogger I began exchanging emails with four years ago during my first and her eighth pregnancy ( she and her husband are raising seven and two await her in heaven). The book is well paced, in that important themes regarding life and death are given their due but the storyline continually moves us forward, and tender teasing between the couple offers a light note to balance against the deeper reflections in the book. It was a pleasure to read this book and an honor to review it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

9 things about my 9 month old

1.Sitting up so very well now and starting to want to stand-up

2. Finds his sister hilarious

3. Beginning to wave and play peek-a-boo

4. Reaches for whatever he can reach, especially food ~ table food wise: faves are pickles and bread crust in addition to the yogurt melts and the puffs.

5. Still 6 teeth, but the 7th are just below the surface.

6. Gradually becoming a better sleeper ~ and the plan is to move to the crib soon.

7. Still not using sounds for words but starting to find his voice to shreek & shout.

8. LOVES HIS DADDY, and practically tries to throw himself in his arms when Dad comes home.

9. Likes to flirt with me by cocking his head to the side and smile. So cute when he lays his head down on the swing tray and grins at me.

As my husband reminded me today is break even day ~ 40 weeks now out in the world.

Happy 9 months Liam!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Takes 82

1. Late post because this morning saw our house again under siege as we saw finally the end of the repairs to our family room following the hailstorm LAST June. Incidentally there was a hailstorm last night: No Damage!

2. Splash fest: Joint baths are starting to show up as Liam is much more stable sitting-up ~ and I'm think I'm going to start wearing a raincoat (or a bathing suit) ~ but such fun to watch!

3. The current heat wave made it very apparent that summer if not already here is soon to be and so making use of the childcare at our local Y, I have begun working out again. The kids and I are still working out the kinks but bathing suit season here we come.

4. Plants have been planted ~ hopefully vegetables are growing. Having successfully grown tomatoes in a container last year, this year we are progressing to planting in the ground.

5. Favorite moment of the week: While sitting outside Lisbeth's gymnastic class came to realize that Liam was playing peek-a-boo with me. He was lifting a cloth over his face, then dropping it and grinning at me.

6. Graduation season is upon us, friends are completing their degrees, neighbors & second cousins have finished high school ~ Best wishes to them and all in the Class of 2011.

7. Contemplating a road trip this weekend. Whatever yours brings you ~ have a good one.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Successes: June 9th

1. Garden planted, having successfully grown tomatoes in a pot last
year have advanced to plants in the ground.

2. Project Family Dinner going well, for nearly a week now ~ have been sitting at the kitchen table for dinner together and beginning to introduce the concept of saying grace.

3. Meal planned this week with happy low-stress results

Giving Thanks this Thursday for:
time together as a family
farm fresh produce
a cool place to beat the heat
watching a baby learn to wave and creep
watching a toddler learn about God and gratitude
date nights (even at home)
God's love which strengthen and sustains.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick Takes 81

1. Goodbye May, and thanks for all the great memories!

2.Was finally able to replace our patio table last weekend Given that the chairs were still in good shape, we opted to get an umbrella for the table. Lunchtime al fresco showed up twice this week.

3. The sprinkler and water table have also been brought out from their winter hibernation in the hopes they will enjoy another summer with us.

4.Extreme Weather continues: Our Prayers for those effected by the tornadoes in Springfield and western Massachusetts

5. Finally catching up on some movies saw The Kings Speech last week, really enjoyed it!! If you too have not yet had the chance ~ put it on your to do list.

6. Have signed Lisbeth for swimming lessons including learning about water safety, we have 2 beach vacations planned both of which include pool times, hoping this will make for a better time for her and her parents.

7. Happy June ~ Hope it treats you well.

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