Friday, September 19, 2014

1 up ~ 1 down: September 19th

Joining ChystinaNoel again to share the best and worst of the week

1 up
    We had the best 'birthday day' with Liam last Saturday starting with a pancake breakfast made by Dr. Daddy. We then all headed to the Lego Store where both Lisbeth and Liam had a blast playing with the many hands-on displays (and Caitlin napped) and Liam picked out a fire truck/fire station combo and another kit that can be made into a helicopter, plane or boat.  Afterwards we went to Ruby's for a wonderful lunch and some train spotting.  Later that evening we enjoyed pizza and cake with some friends. A truly great day!

1 down
   This is a bit of a reach but a close friend who is currently living/working far away is in town for the weekend ~ and I'm going to miss seeing him because I'm headed out of town for a conference tomorrow. Silver lining hopefully Charlie will take lots of pictures when they all go apple picking tomorrow.

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  1. That DOES sound like a wonderful birthday. Maybe I should be planning my birthday parties more around those lines. Johanna would definitely like it...