Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick Takes #161 ~ Happy Birthday Liam!

  1. Liam will officially be four tomorrow so I thought I would use this week's post as a sort-of snapshot of him now.
  2. Much more reserve than his older sister he meets the world in a more tentative way but once he knows you be ready for the rough & tumbleness of a toddler cum preschooler. He turns just about anything into a sword (his weapon of choice) and loves to run and roar: Superheroes and Dinosaurs being absolute tops in his hit parade.
  3. Included in his SuperHero category are Fire Fighters and Police Officers; he still alternates between the two when saying what he wants to be when he grows up.  
  4. Talking more and more all the time story-telling is starting to play a role as is imaginary play with him setting the scene and determining the plot.  He still uses the 'w' sound for 'l' which makes saying his name a very cute moment; and more often than not still uses me, her, and him in place of I, she and he ~ another quirk we are trying to train him out of but I will miss when it is gone.
  5. A great eater he is usually up for trying anything; favorites include Italian Wedding Soup, ice cream, fruit and hot dogs. Not a big breakfast eater except for Daddy's pancakes and sausage.
  6. Loves: Transformer Rescue Bots, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, and Daddy!!
  7. Having finally fully potty trained early this summer and having made peace with the move and his new room ~ we are very excited to celebrated our newly minted four year old and see what the coming year brings!!
Happy Birthday Liam!!

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  1. I haven't seen Liam since the year he was born, it's crazy how time has flown.