Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Takes vol #8

  1. Spring has sprung and while the temperature is suppose to dip again today the flowers peeking up in my yard reassure me that really spring will soon settle in to stay
  2. We enjoyed two trips to the playground this week and while the swings get raves (or more accurately applause), we are still unsure about sliding.  However the best thing by far is shouting hi to anyone and everyone who makes eye contact
  3. It is nearly the end of two very stressful weeks at work for my husband, and while I can't say I did not think an occasional frustrated 'why can't he help more here' thought, I to a great extent did not voice any therefore I hope not only not adding to his stress but maybe even lessening it a bit
  4. Attempts to return to Adoration this week resulted in once arriving to find that because of preparing for a special event later the Blessed Sacrament had been put away, and another time having E. decided to FINALLY fall asleep two minutes before I pulled into the parking lot.
  5. An unusual 'holy hour' (she only slept 40 minutes) I sat in my car knowing that he was in there and that he knew I was sitting in my car.  
  6. Will attempt to go the Stations of the Cross today, we will see what the wee one thinks of that.
  7. Weekend plans, quiet time with family enjoying the warmer weather.
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