Monday, April 13, 2009

Tough love

   E. is now napping, finally giving in the nap that I knew she needed before she did.  She fought it and so putting me into that interesting situation where I am fighting her in order to fight for her. I see this happening more often as we move into the toddler years.  
   Of course I would love to cuddle and rock her down to sleep, she is warm, cuddly, and completely squishable but I know that self-soothing is an important skill which will in the long run help her be happier.  So returning several times to help her lay back down and snuggle her lovey, after a few minutes left the room.  
   My turn to get teary.


  1. Yeah...that's tough. I agree that self-soothing is vital. It sounds like you did great!

  2. We are stuggling with this too. It seems like whenever we get in a good place sleep-wise, she gets sick and I feel like I need to give her lots of TLC.