Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #47

  1. Sun, blessed sun returned this week allowing for walks and bike rides. That along with crocuses and the green shoots promising of tulips and daffodils have done wonders for my energy level and renewing my commitment to lenten goals; wanting in sense to finish strong.
  2. I have for some time been enjoying Three Minute Retreat, but recently the experience has been enhanced by their offering 4-5 retreats on different topics. I almost always find a subject calling out to me, though will sometimes do the first one offered to allow myself perhaps lead where I didn't know I needed to go.
  3. Language continues to grow and evolve around here with the current new phrases being actually songs; she often breaks out into renditions of "Twinkle, twinkle" "ABC" and "If you are happy and you know it"
  4. The food jags of toddlerhood have also definitely started with daily obsessions with yogurt, crackers with cream cheese. Of course she does not want me to get bored so yesterdays favorite food may not be todays.
  5. Happy St. Joseph's Day, and thank you to all the god-fathers, foster dads, and amazing men out there who care for the children in their lives.
  6. Many tasty and yummy meals are coming out of E.'s kitchen, reassuring a happy mom that this years special birthday gift was the right choice. I imagine by next year she will be very clear what she wants for her birthday.
  7. Plans for the weekend, yard work, paperwork, and Date Night!!
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  1. Yes, isn't this weather a wonderful, welcome relief!

  2. I love this weather as well I hope we continue to see some without the hot temps for a while