Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #74

  1. We are enjoying a couple days of spring-like weather and it is wonderful to ditch the heavy coats and play outside. Yesterday ~ blowing bubbles, Today ~ playground time. However Elisabeth is still insisting on snow boots; given the amount of mud around, works for me.
  2. I'm so torn about the latest Grand Jury report; on one side I am so sick that this stuff is still happening, but I feel that the adjustments that the Archdioceses are making are appropriate and good.
  3. My favorite toddler can now get out of her crib; this has added about an hour to nap and bedtime as we have to return her to her bed. Has also kicked getting her new room ready seriously up the priority list.
  4. Thanks to everyone who commented on my First Food Wondering. I'm now sure of what I want to start with, still unsure of when but someday soon we will get to find out what Little Man thinks of avocado.
  5. Crazy week and computer troubles prevented me from participating the wedding dress review this week of which Betty has posted a wrap-up ~ but suffices to say it was in a Juliet styling with belled sleeves and I loved it!
  6. Valentines was low-key but there was Chocolate at the end of it: Done!
  7. Plans for the weekend: Project Toddler Room!

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  1. Sounds like you are having a good week! I may try to email you off blog about #2. We have a good priest friend from that archdiocese.

  2. I had missed your food post. But, we always started our boys one fruits and veggies first and then added the grains later.

  3. I missed your food post too but just went and reread. Thanks for the nod! I have no idea what I'm doing with Dominic as far as food goes. I did all the "recommended" stuff with Mikey 9 years ago and it went very well. But I tried Dominic on very runny rice cereal just the other day and he did not enjoy it! I don't think he's quite ready. I know Mikey was 6 months when I started him, and Dominic's only 5 plus he was 3 weeks early, so I think I'll hold off a bit. That's interesting about avocado! I'm so afraid of food allergies though that I think I'll follow the standard recommended stuff first. I just went to babycenter and downloaded their plan. We shall see! Good luck over there!

  4. Chocolate is the perfect end to any day - but especially Valentine's Day! Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm with Rebecca- chocolate is great! In fact, I may have to see if I can go find some!