Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Takes Vol. #78

  1. Lifting my head up after a couple of tough weeks of illness and traveling to point out some highlights and make sure to document some of the hints of light and laughter amidst the darkness.
  2. Guess who is sitting up all by himself; he also decided a couple days shy of officially being 7 months that rolling is also something he is interested in.
3. Heard from my brother a couple of weeks ago that he would again be walking by: Having been asked by another hiker and having really enjoyed his experience last year my brother is again hiking the Appalachian Trail and will hopefully be stopping for a night or two some time in July.
4. Good weather has allowed for some gardening and introducing a little one to grass on his bare feet.
5. I have had the opportunity to again pick up my prayer journal on a couple of occasions (children napping simultaneously ~ praise) and sit quietly and reflect the graces and mercies which surround me.

6. A certain someone turned 7 months!!
7. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Blessed Holy Week!

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  1. He has grown so much! Isn't it incredible to finally get outside again? My little's are just lapping it up. Hope you continue to feel better, I think we may be coming down with a cold over here.

  2. Wow he is getting so big! He is adorable! Joe just had his first "feet in the grass" experience... the look on his face was pricesless! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. I can't believe how big Liam's getting! And I hope you get all the way over your illness soon!

  4. I love the pictures, he is getting so big! What a cutie! :)