Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Takes #103

  1. Workmen are nearly done, which in a sense means our work is about to begin putting everything back in order ~ spring cleaning with an extra twist (or is that catch)!
  2. 98% blog hop: If you have not yet please hop over and read some of the wonderful stories collected by Rebecca and Michelle
  3. Still the strong silent type, my little fellow is consistently favoring me with "mama" thought his version has much in common with A Streetcar Named Desire's take on Stella.
  4. Tomorrow I will officially be living with a four year old ~ how did that happen?
  5. Cake pops & pancakes were both made by me this week in our house ~ as anyone who knows me knows; I don't cook/bake, but for my children I'm willing to learn.
  6. Lenten practices ~ my almsgiving practices has been given wonderful direction thanks to Leila of the Little Catholic Bubble; every week she profiles a child seeking adoption from Reeces Rainbow a wonderful site that helps special needs children raise funds towards their adoption cost.  Go check it out!!
  7. Pre-Cana this weekend; please pray for the couples attending and us presenters.  May the Holy Spirit inspire our words and open their heart and minds for the receiving. 
Please visit Conversion Diary for the rest of this week's Quick Takes


  1. Cake pops! I am impressed . . . they look too complicated for me and I love to bake!

  2. cake pops, sounds delicious! I have been watching Cake Boss on netflix and I love it! Makes me want to try my hand with some fondant. :)

    Prayers for your couples this weekend!