Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Takes #107

  1. Favorite moments of the week : Liam exchanging kisses, back and forth, forth and back!
  2. Picking fruits and veggies with Lisbeth at the farmers market; she does not always eat them but it is exciting to see she chose different things and explore a little.
  3. Unfortunately did not include seeing any of Venus crossing the sun, too cloudy.  But the build-up was fun and the pictures are amazing.
  4. Did not see much of the jubilee either but wish Queen Elizabeth II continued success, and hope Prince Phillip is on the mend and home soon (if he is not already).
  5. Loving these photos which have been making the rounds of FB: the first I believe is an engagement shot, the second was when they celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2007. 
  6. Building slide/activity set this weekend for the backyard; Lisbeth is very excited ~ Liam has no idea but will hopefully be thrilled.
  7. Have a great one ~ whatever your weekend holds!

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