Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When the words don't come

And sometimes the words don't come: a stressful couple of weeks with my husband working a lot and so  me soloing at home a lot, a nagging summer cold, and minor but real worries about the kids have many post ideas swirling in my head but nothing that wants to take form when I can sit at the keyboard.

Not wanting the perfect become the enemy of the good ~ and let so much time go by that I begin to have unrealistic expectations of what is worthy for me to publish ~ a few words from me; and a link to someone saying how this time feels to me so much better than I can because sometimes the words don't come.

Please visit Joy Beyond the Cross and enjoy Marie's post "Real Posting"


  1. Hope things get better soon! And I love reading whatever you post!

  2. Another perk of this blogging community - sometimes someone else has your perfect words. And linking is the best form of flattery :).

    Sending prayers your way that thing settle down a bit for you all soon.

  3. i hear ya ;) & btw - i *do* love your blog... & have learned a ton from the ones that you've linked to (including in your side bar!)