Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crayola Factory: An Outing

  Recently journeyed with the kids to the Crayola Factory.  I was using a family pass otherwise Liam would have been free being under two which I feel is fair since most of the 'factory' attractions were beyond him.  He did enjoy the modeling clay (Model Magic) area and sidewalk chalk area; there is also a toddler area with balls and puzzles that both kids enjoyed.
   Lisbeth was certainly better able to enjoy the various stations for crayons, markers, and really enjoyed a computer/camera station that lets a computer picture of yourself be printed out the some favorite characters (when we were there it was Cinderella and Cars, I don't know if they rotate).  Though interestingly her favorite station was also the modeling clay.  There is a history overview exhibit and a film about how crayons are made though we didn't do either.
    There is an area set-up with tables and chairs for eating though no food is sold there.  The factory is in a converted warehouse in a town square so there are several restaurants within easy walking distance, and a municipal parking garage right across the street.  Overall it was a very enjoyable outing and one we will definitely do again.


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  1. In the "old days" a trip to the Crayola factory was actually a walking tour of the factory itself where they make the crayons and markers... I haven't been to the new "crayola factory tour area.