Monday, December 2, 2013

3 things I love about Advent

Joining Michaela of California to Korea (and back again) and sharing what I love about Advent

1. The music

I do start listening to Christmas Carols as soon as Advent begins but I also give lots of playtime to favorites such as Advent Suite and The Final Word by Michael Card and Cherry Tree Carol (trad.) and Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant for example. 

2.  Season of Expectation
As the external pressures of preparing for Christmas; shopping, cooking, decorating, etc seem more intense each year.  I so appreciate the reminder at every Mass and elsewhere that part of preparing for Christmas is making room on our hearts and minds for Christ and his great love and wisdom to come in and make himself at home.

3. Gaudete Sunday:
 Have already posted about this before but I love how in the midst of the penitent season we lighten the purple with Christmas white and rejoice at the awesome gift given in Bethlehem long ago.

Please head over and read more to love about Advent at Michaela's and 
have a Blessed Advent!


  1. Thanks for the carol videos, those are really beautiful! I am not well versed in good Christmas music and the stuff on the radio is so irritating. Will be downloading these!

  2. What lovely songs! I just got the Advent at Ephesus CD and am really enjoying that. I think I'll add these to my playlist.

    Your third reason is so beautiful! I never thought of the pink as being lightened by Christmas white! What an awesome visual.

    Thanks for linking, Joy! Have a truly blessed Advent!