Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WWRW: March 26th

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice sharing what I'm reading these days

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner; I was told when given this book that it was the beginning of a 3 book series and that each book gets better.  If that is true than I'm in good shape because I found this first one ~ ok; not great but not awful.  It is the story of Gen a famous thief who is released from the King's jail to steal something for the King and what happens to him and his companions on this quest.  The plotting was decent and the dialogue good, most importantly the 'world building' which I suppose is an essential component in a first book in a series was interesting and so I will be back for book 2: The Queen of Attolia.

But first I'm reading

Better by Carey Heywood;  this is not a review for a couple of reasons; I've just started it and it is written by my sister so being impartial on little sleep would be difficult.  It is the story of Aubrey a young woman who deferred college to help care for her aunt who is now going 'round the world on a trip originally planned for after her aunt's recovery.  Adventure and perhaps a romance with Adam, the young man hired as her tour guide.

This is her 6th novel; so excited for her and hoping for good naps today to really get reading!!

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  1. That whole Attolia series is fabulous, and it really does get better!

  2. ^What she said. Also, would you recommend Better, or any of Carey's books for high school girls? My teens just want to read "grown-up" stuff.