Friday, June 20, 2014

Quick Takes #157 ~ super quick cause I really should be packing version

  1. The closing on the new house was interesting and the very definition of 'all's well that ends well' ~ not expecting all the craziness Dr. Daddy had only taken a half day off so that evening when he got home we scooped the kids in their pj's and went for some quick glimpses of our new place.
  2. Packing and purging is continues to go more slowly than I would like but bit by bit getting done.  Speaking of purging anyone know of places (other than libraries) that takes VHS tapes?
  3. Potty training success ~ finally and with reproduce-able results. Which means he can go to camp ~ Yes!!
  4. Caitlin's guardian angel is still doing a great job as she (Caitlin) has a few times been found upstairs at the new place but so far has never gone down intentionally or otherwise on her own.
  5. Nothing will prompt you to figure out where the thermostat lives and how it works to cool the house down like a couple of day in the mid 90's.
  6. The painting fun has begun with several samplers tried out and I think we have narrowed in on some great colors for their rooms ~ more later.
  7. And thank's to this wonderful post by Ana of Time Flies, I'm largely keeping all the craziness in perspective ~ Crazy Exhausting Fun!

Now please head over to Team Whitaker guest hosting again for Jen

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  1. Hooray for potty training success! Also, I think most thrift stores take VHS tapes. Hope the move goes smoothly!