Friday, December 18, 2015

Quick #197: Stories of song and camels

  1. Life these days is as crazy of the weather! While part of me is in denial about everything that has to get done in the next week, another part of me is enjoying watching the kids being excited the Advent activities we and their schools are doing.
  2. Liam's pageant was great fun with a couple of songs and the kids doing a great job with their lines and retelling the Nativity story.
  3. Lisbeth's concert was also wonderful.  The music was beautiful as was the Nativity play. Adding to the fun playing the role of Baby Jesus was the one month old daughter of her teacher last year.
  4. Unfortunately what is getting bumped this year is any sort of O'Antiphons activity with the kids. I'd love to but I also know my limits.
  5. Shopping for the kids was a bit more tricky this year as Lisbeth's list include high price items such as x-box and power ranger weapons that were no-goes ~ and Caitie kept changing what she wanted.  Liam kept adding to his list but by this point I regard that as S.O.P.
  6. Carols getting a lot of airtime in the car; Mary, did you know?, Emmanuel, and Jingle Bells.
  7. Have a good weekend and have fun lighting all four candles!!
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  1. "Mary, did you know?" That one makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. So beautiful.

    Reading this reminded me of how tricky it was playing Santa sometimes when my boys were little! Although I have new challenges: I worry about seeming more invested in a gift for one daughter-in-law over another, so I get all four the same thing...then worry that I'm treating them in cookie-cutter fashion.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Maybe a theme; get them all a book ~ same but according to their taste.