Thursday, August 4, 2016

Outer Banks 2016: the recap

   Outer Banks 2016 is in the books and a great time was had by all!

The trip there is just as long as I remember and we opted to make it a bit longer by stopping along the way for a vigil Mass. Aside is an amazing site which tells what churches are close to your location and their Mass times. Another highlight of the trip was getting pizza for dinner; not the best car food but Dr Daddy and Elisabeth did a great job tearing the box into mini plates. So while we arrived in the dark we were so happy to be there and so was the rest of our family.

   The rest of the week consisted of swimming in the pool; the two biggest on their own and Caitie doing amazing in her vest. During a couple of night swims Elisabeth was introduced to Marco Polo and held her own with her big cousins.  We were a 5-10 minute walk from the beach and so visited everyday sometimes a couple times a day.  Most mornings I enjoyed a walk with my mom and a sister and often late afternoon found us there for a quick swim before dinner.  The waves were best mid-day and so twice we braved primetime sun and let the kids get some practice boogie boarding.  Both times we saw dolphins in the distance and one time my middle sister's father-in-law taught the kids to net fish with decent results.  He and my sister Kim also saw to the renting of bikes which also added to the outside fun of the week.

Many hands indeed made light what with the adults all taking a turn with cooking dinner and enough grown-ups and bigger cousins available that I was even able to sneak out to a wine tasting one afternoon.

Amazing food ~ wonderful wine and best of all a lot of time to play and be together with each other and some extended family.

We came ~ we saw ~ we swam!!

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  1. Sounds like such a great trip- esp. with the net fishing and bikes!
    We went to a vigil mass too not long after we arrived and I think that worked a lot better for us over going the next morning.