Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ending on a grateful note

Sorry to go silent ~ a cold and a bit of the November funk hit me hard but I did want to end the month and start the new giving thanks:
  1. Weather continued to be warm enough to get the bulk of the raking done while the kids played outside and the wonderful pen Dr Daddy built in the back saved me so much bagging and moved us a step closer to starting to compost.
  2. Wonderful friends of ours lent us a beautiful cradle when we were expecting Elisabeth; we have now been able to pay that forward and pass that cradle onto another wonderful couple now expecting their first baby.
  3. The chance to get together with extended family; giving my kids more cousin time which they so enjoy and me time with my sisters which I also really cherish.  Traffic was tough both heading south and heading home but never awful and the kids continue to be good travelers.
  4. Currently everyone is healthy and excited for the month ahead!
Giving thanks for pie and a generous helping of whipped cream

Advent wreath is out, candles in the window and wreath hung on the door.
Happy Advent! Happy December!


  1. Gratitude is always a choice, no matter what funks may be around!

  2. Lovely things to be thankful for.
    Happy December!
    Happy Advent!