Sunday, January 8, 2017

Caitlin at 4

   A pretty perfect fit for our family right from the start.
And as you've grown you have continued to be happy to join in with whatever craziness your brother and sister have planned.  You happily take the lead when the big's are at school but share well when everyone is home. Provided they asked you first  ~ you have no problem shouting the house down if a toy snatched from you.
You have a  wonderful imagination and are forever making up games for us to play, or telling me stories or singing songs of your own creation. You are quick to see and learn patterns and are becoming very interested in different languages often asking me how something is said in French or Spanish.  You are still a bit too interested in drawing on the walls, but no-one is perfect!!
You love chocolate milk, cookies, yogurt and cheese. Not too fond of eating breakfast, bananas, and most warm vegetables aside from peas and corn. Mostly you wish cold cucumbers and tomatoes were on the menu everyday.  And olives ~ much  to your Daddy's delight!  You still call us Mama and Papa when being snuggly and are quick with hugs and kisses.

Happy Birthday Caitlin!! 
You're the Best!!