Friday, March 3, 2017

Quick Takes #226: Lent and Birthdays

  1. Happy March! Blessed Lent!  No actual flowers here but many sprouts and buds about; but also betting we will get one more snow fall if past trends hold true.
  2. Lent is off to a good start with me actually having the chance to talk with both Lisbeth and Liam about what they want to focus on in addition to what we are doing as a family.  I posted earlier about what books I've chosen for Lent; am particularly excited about how Bringing Home Lent has suggestions for personal and family activities.
  3. Elisabeth is 9 today!! Am definitely planning a separate post celebrating all thing Lisbeth but had to give 'quick take' shout out to my Birthday Girl who made me a mom and filled my life with so much light and laughter.  You have a lot of dreams and I pray you "catch them all"!
  4. Today is the feast day for Saint Katherine Drexel; happy name day to those celebrating!! Her mother house has been sold; am hoping to get up there one more time before it closes though I believe her remains are being moved locally to the Basilica in Philadelphia.
  5. Posts to check out: Colleen is hosting a great giveaway and Jenny has an excellent post about leaning into Lent.
  6. Group sourcing: Any recommendation for a timid reader who made the jump to chapter books with Magic Treehouse and it coming to the end of those?
  7. Have a wonderful weekend and send up a prayer for us as we (hopefully) move Caitlin her 'big girl' bed!

The birthday girl at one!!

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