Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick Takes #231:What do May Showers Bring?

  1. I knew May was going to be a whirlwind but didn't quite expect how business coupled with near constant rain would really wipe me out. Hoping for better things (and weather) in June.
  2. A definite upside of the business was celebrating birthdays ~ Dr Daddy and mine. The kids outdid themselves even putting together a gift parade and working with G-ma to make me a yummy strawberry shortcake.
  3. Luckily and blessedly I don't feel much older year to year but after attending the college graduation of a young cousin born the year I graduated from college I'm very aware of the passage of time.  The trip was wonderful if rainy! The kids did great with all of the car time, loved the pool and allowed the grown-ups a good amount of catch-up time. And I can now add OHIO to the list of states I've been to!!
  4. Favor and a link: The CDC's website still lists outdated information based on one flawed study of the effectiveness of NFP and Fertility Awareness Methods.  This petition is asking that CDC update their information so that medical professionals and others using the website can find accurate information.
  5. Fix Her Up; the book of my sister's whose cover I helped reveal here is live!
  6. Plans for the holiday weekend are local as Dr Daddy is working but planning for some fun with the kids and a lot of yard work if the weather holds.
  7. Finally my thanks to all those who served and payed the ultimate sacrifice and those who miss them!
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