Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daybook Late April '18

Excited For: Spring to settle in; for open windows and being outside.  It stayed cold throughout March and into April so everything is blooming a bit late. Daffodils are about done but the lily of the valley are still small green sprouts and neither the plum or dogwood in my yard have bloomed yet.
Wearing: Windbreakers and on occasion short sleeves.  Rain boots and on occasion flip-flops.  Winter coats are not yet put away but I'm thinking soon.  
   Heather and phlox! Recently bought a forsythia and have to decide where to plant as my first idea is not going to work.  Have in the past planted tomatoes and basil; and am thinking about
 what else we might plant this summer.

Reading: The Canticle of the Soul by St John of the Cross which I am finding edifying if a bit ponderous. Next up in the queue Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

Watching:  Timeless, Blindspot, Good Bones, Call the Midwife and for a bit of late night fun Hogan's Heros.

Elisabeth is meeting the challenges of the increase workload 4th grade brings with her usual intensity but actually is doing really well. She continues to have an amazing imagination and a real knack at making things come to life through legos or in Minecraft.  Art and Math are her favorite school subjects. 

Liam after a few minor bumps has settled well into the 1st grade; consonant blends are bit of a struggle with his hearing loss but with the help of a reading specialist Liam is becoming more and more of an independent reader; favorite series being Elephant and Piggie.  Pokemon and all things ninja are still tops in his world.  Always a great eater; he is currently with the help of his sisters eating through a big box of Lucky Charms every week!

Caitlin is loving Pre-K and doing really well; making friends and writing her letters.  She loves being read to; and I'm so excited to watch over the next year as she begins to learn to read herself.  Wonderful imagination; she loves role playing games like restaurant, school, and farm.  She still loves to watch Max & Ruby and Shimmer & Shine.


  1. Love the kiddo updates. :) And our winter coats aren't put away, either. We finally seem to be getting consistent warmish days; hoping to put the winter coats away soon!

  2. Yay for spring and yay for blogging!!