Friday, April 6, 2018

Quick Takes #257 Happy Easter and April!!

  1. Hi ~ Happy April! Happy Easter!!
  2. How was your Lent? Mine was good overall; I really enjoyed the Take Up and Read devotional and felt it helped me dig deep this Lent and revealed areas of ongoing items for my prayer life. I finished the two books I had planned to read and started a third.  I also managed not to 'cheat' on my commitment to not read fiction except on Sunday (and than only my sister's latest).  What did not go as well was almsgiving; we participated in different opportunities the kids school offered but I'm left feeling that aspect was a bit lacking. 
  3. Having finished my sister's book Fix My Fall earlier this week I then spent a couple of days like a kid in a candy store trying to decide what to read next; reread a favorite or try something new??  I've decided to split the difference and am reading a story I've never read by a favorite author.  
  4. Tridium went well with me attending with the kids Mass of the Lord's Supper, Good Friday Service and Mass Easter morning.  Mass Thursday evening was late for the kids but I loved being able to hear the Panga Linga sung again by Dr Daddy and the rest of wonderful choir he sings with as well as introducing the kids to the custom of Eucharistic Procession and Adoration. 
  5. Easter morning was wonderful as the kids explored and enjoyed what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets and we attended Mass together as a family before digging in for the last minute preparation for Easter Dinner where we host the Tridium choir Dr Daddy sings with.  Dr Daddy's annual colcannon was delicious and the dessert table groaning as a friend now living in MD made the trip and brought with her her amazing butter creams.
  6. April is locally off to a gray and rainy start but with enough sunshine to convince my daffodils to bloom and forsythia to blossom.  Yes there is snow in the forecast but as Mr Carson often said "We must always travel in Hope."
  7. Have a wonderful weekend and please head to Kelly's for more 7QTs!