Friday, April 20, 2018

Quick Takes #258: Where Art Thou O Spring?

  1. I must start by stating last weekend was glorious; warm breezes, bright sun! Perfect porch reading weather.  And despite how much I reminded myself that it wasn't going to last; that it is not suppose to be in the 70's in April, the return to the rainy 40's has been bumpy.  What has a girl gotta do to get some sun and 60's? 
  2. The other thing making last weekend so much fun was a visit from my mom. Winter weather and house issues had kept postponing her visit since New Year so we all really enjoyed having her here for the weekend.  Dr Daddy cooked delicious food and ran point on the kids giving us time to catch-up.
  3. Other excitement: Caitlin lost her first tooth becoming the earliest to such a milestone by several months over her siblings. Great excitement ensued and the Tooth Fairy made a visit!
  4. Great mail week; Ponder, and One Beautiful Dream arrived!! I'm currently reading Spiritual Canticle of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross; and having recently finished The Interior Castle by Saint Theresa of Avila has left me wondering if the writing feels so similar because they were friends or if that was simply the approach to spiritual writing at the time.
  5. Was sorry to learn of the death of Former First Lady Barbara Bush; though by all accounts it was peaceful and after a very long life. I'm of a generation to remember her wonderful example of compassion in her insistence that children battling AIDS (and indeed everyone battling that awful disease) needed to be touched and held.
  6. Royal Baby Watch: I'm thinking Boy but otherwise just very excited to see who is joining the Cambridge household and when.
  7. Dr Daddy is unfortunately working but am otherwise hoping for a good weekend. Whatever yours holds; have a  good one!

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  1. I'd love to know your thoughts on Ponder and One Beautiful Dream after you finish them! I've been wanting to read something by St. John of the Cross for years, as so many great theologians reference, him all.the.time. Dark Night of the Soul has been on my TBR list for a long time.