Friday, April 27, 2018

Quick Takes #259: Spring flowers and toothaches

  1. Locally we had a good week; trees are starting to blossom and the kids were out after dinner last night skateboarding and roller skating. And the first lawn mowing of the year is in the books.
  2. Am recovering today from getting a filling. According to my dentist it is a good news ~ bad news situation; the good news is that the nerve looks healthy; bad news she knows this because she could see the nerve. Prayers appreciated that the nerve stays healthy and I can avoid a root canal.
  3. Looks like my Boy prediction for the Duchess of Cambridge held; and I think the name is a nice mix of traditional and non-traditional.
  4. I find the Duchess to be such a wonderful example of truth in pregnancy; when she is sick she doesn't hide it and therefore shining an important light on Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Conversely she shows how very normal and straightforward birth can be. For many years I worked at a Birth Center where barring complications mom & baby were discharged at 12 hours post-delivery and most left at 6-8 hours postpartum.  Though full disclosure most were not wearing heels; full props to her for that!
  5. Lost another touchpoint from my youth, though before this week I would not have known his name. Like many in my generation I grew up singing the songs of Schoolhouse Rock and am now introducing my kids to them.  Thank you Bob Dorough
  6. Lucky find of the week; Snowdrift! Georgette Heyer is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I have some long books coming up in my TBR which I am excited about, but am also thinking an occasional short story may be just what is needed.
  7. Have a good weekend and please head over to Kelly's for more 7QT's.


  1. I love Duchess Kate!!

    And our trees are budding but not blossoming here...soon...can't wait!

  2. Ugh, tooth stuff is the worst. Just said a prayer you won't need a root canal!