Friday, May 11, 2018

Quick Takes #260: Pretty flowers and fun books

  1. Posting late ~ but still Friday! Crazy busy week with a Mother's Day Tea, observing the Ascension and preparing for an out-of-town guest.
  2. Trees are blossoming and happily turning our front lawn pink. This is our third spring in this house and the first time I remember the tree dropping its blossoms in such a quick and pretty way.
  3. Several book shout-outs to share; if you haven't read Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and are looking for a fun fast read ~ this is a great option.  Currently reading and loving Jennifer Fulwiler's latest One Beautiful Dream.
  4. As Lisbeth becomes a tween it has become harder to encourage her without her discounting the compliment so I got her this shirt in the hope she would better understand how I see her. She Loves It!! #small victories 
  5. So excited to start Ponder this weekend. Praying the Rosary is something I've wanted to make a more frequent occurrence. Am hoping this is the just the encouragement I need.  Anyone else starting the study this weekend?
  6. I opted not to get the Ponder for Kids as it seemed aimed at an older age than Caitlin and Lisbeth has a couple of big school projects she is in the middle of. That being said the school had a lovely Mary Crowning earlier this week and lot of good discussions about Our Holy Mother happening.  
  7. Happy Mother's Day!! 
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