Friday, June 8, 2018

Quick Takes #262: As June Begins

  1. One week in and June has been crazy but good. Keeping track of three end-of-school year schedules is no joke but it is so much fun to celebrate with the kids and their classmates a school year well done.
  2. While wrapping down the school year we are also getting summer plans in order.  The kids will again be going to the local playground camp; in addition Liam is doing a week of soccer camp and Elisabeth a local art camp. 
  3. The other great addition to our summer plans is joining the community pool. We have already been a couple of times and Lisbeth has already passed her deep water test. Unfortunately as soon as she did thunder boomed ~ but we came back the next day for inaugural swim in the deep end.
  4. Today is Caitlin's last day of Pre-K and while I'm in disbelief on how fast the school year went; the adage held true about time, it flew. She loved Pre-K; learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I believe that she is ready for Kindergarten, and it is nice to have that verified by her teachers.
  5. Final exams for the older two finish today,  leaving just cleaning up and wrapping up for next week.   The grades are not yet all in but overall the kids report feeling good about how they did; and I feel like we are making a good start in teaching good study habits.
  6. Am planning a separate post on summer reading and challenge updates but watching Elisabeth and Liam exited to read after earlier struggles does this Mama's heart good.
  7. Happy Weekend!!

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