Friday, September 7, 2018

Quick Takes #268: As School Begins

  1. This week brought us the interesting combination of the beginning of school and a heatwave.  The combination meant the first day became a half-day and the kids were encouraged to wear their gym uniforms.  Has cooled enough today that they were able to wear their normal summer uniform for the opening the school year Mass.
  2. Preparing for school took on a different path this year when as incentive for Lisbeth to clean  her desk we decided to get her a fancy new desk light; and thinking about desks that it was time to get Liam a desk for his room ~ and so in addition to copybooks, crayons, and glue sticks; we have bought and assembled a desk, and two chairs. 
  3. We celebrated Labor Day by heading to the pool for one last swim. The kids had so much fun swimming this summer and I was impressed by the improvements I saw in their swimming skills. Afterwards we headed to Rita's for some water ice.
  4. As I've been meeting up with people in the school yard again and we've been catching up on everyones summer I've been laughing to myself because I keep describing it as a good summer; (the kids really enjoyed their camps, did their summer work without complaint and we all had fun at the pool) and then I wonder if Dr Daddy would agree given the broken jaw.  It is a real testament to him that this didn't become a bigger issue but rather an opportunity to try out different smoothie recipes. 
  5. And now for some pictures ~ Elisabeth ~ 5th grade

  6. Liam ~ 2nd Grade
  7. Caitlin ~ Kindergarten

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